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IT Support and Security Exclusively for Independent Insurance Agencies.
At Archway Computer, we replace Nationwide’s IT support and security at affordable pricing. But even more importantly, we provide you a roadmap personalized for your agency.
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  • Software Updates
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Services
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Are you concerned about getting on the right technology platform but don’t know where to turn for independent advice? Are you aware that you will no longer be secure or compliant after Nationwide takes away your virus protection?

Archway Computer only does IT support and security for independent insurance agencies. We support over 130 agency offices including 4000+ desktop.

As an Exclusive agent, most of your primary technology tools were provided an managed by Nationwide. 

As an independent, you own the technology…and the risks!

Factors to Consider:

Client Data Security

Agency Cyber Policy

Staff Awareness of Cyber Risks

Tech Support (help desk)

Computer Maintenance (how old are your computer?)

Dual Monitors

They’re growing agencies all across the United States. We grow as you grow.

We formerly had a local guy that handled our issues. He was a very nice guy but his experience and availability were somewhat limited. Brad Ruben’s team has outstanding techs – they work 24/7 (that is not an exaggeration).They are very proactive. Brad also provides us with excellent forward thinking technical guidance which benefits us on future planning.

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Archway consistently offers lower rates than the competition, it all adds up to a documented 22% savings on your total IT expenditure. What would you do if every dollar in your budget was worth almost a quarter more? If you answered "invest in your business," you're our type of people.


Unlike many other firms, we don't sell hardware, software, phone systems, encyclopedias, timeshares or anything else but top flight IT services. That allows us to focus our resources on implementing and maintaining the technology that can take your company to the next level instead of pushing products on you.


Archway is home to a staff of the highest qualified specialists focusing on insurance tech, providing the specific solutions your agency needs. Our team is lead by Brad Ruben, a noted author, technologist, & Star Wars fan with over 30 years experience. Like every Archway member, he takes pride in ensuring the stability of your network.


In today's globally connected world, there's no reason to let something as silly as geography limit our capabilities. That's why we maintain at least 52,000 techs worldwide through our relationship with Field Nation, so no matter what your problem is we have a local presence nearby to solve it personally.


We don't wait until disaster strikes to offer you solutions...by that time it's too late, and the results is more downtime (lost money) than necessary. Archway focuses on pro- active methods, using our proprietary software and proven techniques to anticipate issues before they arise and keep your network running smooth.


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