5G Future + Last-Minute Shopper Support

Make it Quip

I always thought I was the oral-hygiene expert in the family, but recently my son one-upped me when he introduced me to the Quip Toothbrush. Sure, there are plenty of electric toothbrushes you can buy, but what sets Quip apart is the slim, stylish design of its brushes, and their price is a fraction of their competitors, with electric models starting at $25.


Plus, Quip can send you replacement brush heads in the mail every three months, so you never have to worry about running out or using an overused brush. Happy Brushing!

Windows False Positives

Microsoft has addressed a known issue that plagued Windows Server customers for weeks, preventing the Defender for Endpoint enterprise security platform from launching on some systems. You can install this cumulative update through Windows Update and Microsoft Update, Windows Update for Business, Windows Server Update Services, and the Microsoft Update Catalog.


While Microsoft didn’t reveal what triggered these false positives, the most likely reason was that the company increased the sensitivity for detecting Emotet-like behavior, making its generic behavioral detection engine too sensitive. While it’s never fun when you get a false positive for Malware, it’s good that your Archway techs are always on it!

I’ll Take 5G for $50 Please

For only $50 a month, T-Mobile is offering 5G home internet with no long-term contracts or data caps. If it sounds too good to be true, it almost is. It’s still early days, but depending on where you are located, it could be worth looking into. If it’s speed you’re after, T-Mobile’s 5G home internet might not impress you if you have other cable and fiber internet providers available at your address. But if you’re in a rural area or less developed area where DSL or satellite was your only previous option, T-Mobile will feel lightning fast by comparison.

If nothing else, since it demands no contract commitment, it’s an opportunity to try a different option and maybe even use it as leverage to negotiate with your current internet service provider. Hopefully, the more options we have as consumers, the better our internet service will be in the long run.


The Millennial Moment: Gift Guide for the Super Last-Minute Shopper (Who Doesn’t Want It To Look Last Minute)

With Christmas right around the corner, hopefully you’ve gotten gifts for all the people on your list by now. But between our busy lives and supply-chain issues, some of us might be scrambling to make some final purchases. That said, here are some gift ideas that are sure to wow anyone on your list. 

Barefoot Dreams Blanket: I promise you there is no cozier blanket on the planet. It’s pricey, but that person you forgot to buy a present for until now deserves it!! 

Kindle: I’m sure this sounds very millennial of me, but it’s 2021, who wants to hold all their physical books? For about 50 bucks, get a kindle for the book-lover in your life. Personalize the gift even more by sending a download link with one of your favorite books, so they can begin reading right away! 

Charcuterie Board Set With Cutlery Set: Cheese is a universal love language. I absolutely love this Charcuterie board because you get so much with it: 4 stainless steel knives, 3 ceramic sauce bowls, 10 card holder labels, 2 serving trays, 6 small forks for plating, and a cheeseboard guide for the ultimate snack experience!

The Last Word

And just like that, the Holidays are here!  I hope you all enjoy some well-deserved time with your family and loved ones, as we prepare for what 2022 has to bring. Thank you all so much for your continued support. Whatever you are celebrating this Holiday Season, I wish you all health and happiness as we approach the end of 2021

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