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Secure your system’s performance and user’s data/files.

Virus & Spam Protection

Viruses are a form of malware, which have been designed to corrupt or access information stored on computers or devices. Our Archway Computer techs can help with anti-spam protection and helping employees understand how to spot phishing scams.

Having effective protection in place to block potentially risky spam emails and harmful viruses is far safer and more cost effective than trying to solve the problem once an attack has taken place.

The Difference Between Anti-Spam And Anti-Virus IT Protection


With a reported increase in malware attacks on insurance agencies, awareness is vital at all levels of agency to safeguard against breaches. But the different terminology surrounding spam, viruses and malware can be confusing, so what does it all mean?

Anti-spam protection

Advanced spam filtering options give users additional control over which messages are identified as junk, and custom transport rules can also be created to set the Spam Confidence Level of messages that meet specific criteria.

Anti-virus protection

 the individual machine level, multi-layered anti-virus software is a crucial first line of defence for SMEs to stop an attack, should an employee accidentally open a dangerous email or download something from an infected website.

With Archway Computer's Antispam and Virus protection, you get the best of both worlds.

AppRiver Email Security and Office 365


While it’s nice to have options, sometimes what you’re really trying to outrun is all of that unwanted spam and malware that clogs your inbox and infiltrates your email server – and keeps your infrastructure from doing what you need it to do: your business. So, trust us when we say that the AppRiver spam and virus filter means business. But even If you’re already relying on Office 365 for your mailboxes, it’s highly possible that your business and users need more customization than the standard Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) provides.