Archway Computer

Case Studies

We are proud to serve 290+ independent insurance agency clients across the U.S. As our clients thrive, so do we. Below are success stories that highlight how our IT support and solutions have enabled independent insurance agencies to enhance efficiency, security, and ultimately, achieve success.

Robins Insurance

"As the person responsible for IT, implementing softwares, etc., I have no worries about handing any project over to Archway. Their techs are courteous, prompt, thorough and detailed. They have also been excellent at educating me as they move forward on any implementation plan like moving our local server to AWS. They explained how and why the entire process would happen, why it had to be done as it was, the issues that may arise during the process, etc. Brad has put together a great team; from the sales and phone support, to the techs we have access to every day. Thank you!"

Archway was and continues to be able to offer recommendations for enhancements to Liberty Co's delivery of services for their end users that were not possible with the former managed service provider.

Archway helped the client develop a strategic plan to consolidate their system and migrate it to the Cloud.

Archway Computer took over the management of the Korotkin Insurance Group’s technology in December 2020 and immediately helped develop a strategic plan to consolidate their system and migrate it to Amazon Web Services. Using AWS, Korotkin will be able to quickly scale up additional compute capacity with less cost and IT overhead than by adding to its own data center assets, while benefiting from built-in security features in AWS products that help their agency with compliance issues.

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