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Applied Epic Email Update

As an agency using the Applied Epic system, it’s crucial to update your email settings by July 15th. Without these updates, your emails won’t be delivered, disrupting your communication with clients. Archway Computer is here to help.
Don't let your emails get lost

How We Can Help:

As an Applied Preferred Consultant Partner, Archway Computer is uniquely positioned to assist you. Our deep familiarity with Applied products, coupled with direct access to Applied Epic and extended solutions, ensures we can recommend and implement the most suitable applications for your agency.


Email Setup

Ensure your email settings are just right.

Epic Integration

Make sure everything in your Epic system is aligned.

Ongoing Support:

Continuous monitoring and support to maintain optimal performance.

20 +
Years of Experience
10260 +
Insurance Agency Clients
3150 +
Supported Desktops
30 +
Remote Techs

Why This Matters

  • Prevent Email Disruptions: Ensure your emails continue to be delivered without any issues.
  • Boost Security: Protect your agency from potential threats like phishing and spoofing attacks.
  • Maintain Professionalism: Proper email settings help maintain your agency’s reputation and trust with clients.

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