AppliedNet Nashville: Come Hungry win an iPhone X

Business and Pleasure

Between the event itself and getting a taste of the host city, AppliedNet is usually one of the better weeks on my yearly calendar.  Did I mention we are giving away an iPhone X at the conference? And you can enter here even if you won’t be at the show.

Since this year the event is set to emanate from Nashville a big chunk of my off-the-clock time will be spent licking my fingers…oh yes, I am going to eat a LOT of BBQ during my stay in Music City, and Thrillist was kind enough to assist me in this endeavour with this “best of” feature.

Wearable Wares Awareness

I’ve been wearing the new Apple Watch for a while now and while I was pretty much sold immediately on the new screen size and upgrades for everything from speakers to sensors, the possibilities with this iPhone XS I recently got my hands on are even more exciting.

Check out this piece from The Verge detailing why now is such an exciting time to be wearing a watch.

A Signature Touch

Email signatures are a big deal in this business…all of the most critical contact information delivered directly to the connecting client along with key tracking information that can help you tailor your message to your audience. Perfect.

Whether you want to present a cohesive company-wide brand or put your personal stamp on every outgoing message, the shiny digital future in which we live makes it easier than ever (and often free!) to do.

The Last Word

Well, I have a flight into Nashville International to catch, but before I pack up my BBQ bib I want to thank everyone for not sending me to the spam folder for another week!

The next inspired installment should arrive right on schedule, but before then I’d love to see your friendly face at AppliedNet Nashville (or in the slick new signature of any email you want to send me in the meantime)!

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