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Billing FAQ's

Archway Computer does post billing which means that you will be invoiced and charged after you have received the services or goods. This allows us to accurately reflect the services provided and gives you the opportunity to review the charges before payment.

Product FAQs:

  • Cloudally/ Cloud to Cloud backup is a backup Solution for Office 365 and GSuite that is applied to all active licenses and shared mailboxes.
  • Huntress serves as a blanket protection for your services as a whole. It focuses on detecting, analyzing, and responding to the threats that have snuck past preventive tools. This is applied to all active workstations and Amazon workspaces
  • Huntress for 365 is an additional layer of protection solely focused on your Microsoft 365 environment. We have added it to our roster to further improve the proactive framework by detecting and responding to suspicious user activity, permission changes, and anomalous behavior. This is applied to all active licenses and shared mailboxes.
  • DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) works behind the scenes to ensure the emails you (or your customers) receive are genuinely from trusted sources. Imagine it as a security checkpoint for your emails. This is applied to all active domains.
  • Bullphish ID is a security awareness training and phishing simulation solution designed to educate your employees about cybersecurity best practices. The solution consists of two main modules: Training & Awareness, and Phishing Simulation. This is applied to all active domains.
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