Changing Cyber Regs and Internet Masterclasses

Empire Statement

The laws on the books are finally starting to catch up with the realities of the world, and the updated New York cyber reg laws are the most comprehensive suite of consumer protection policies ever put into place.

These regulations mean big changes for agencies, banks, and other agencies that ar based in or do business in the state, and I believe similar programs will be spreading nationwide to help combat the epidemic of cybercrime.

As always, Archway is ahead of the game, and if you need a little guidance for a smooth transition into the newly regulated digital marketplace, we’re only too happy to help.

Get in touch to take a look at the information we’ve compiled, and if you just want a list of cyber reg do’s and dont’s in this new climate, be sure to let us know in the Service Request field.

College in Your PJs (again)

It’s truly staggering the number of things you can learn in a few dozen hours online. You already know that you can become an amateur chef or world-class cup stacker just by watching the right YouTube video, but you can also learn skills that will help you in your professional life.

Udemy is an outstanding resource for education on an array of concepts in the world of tech, from ethical hacking to AI building. The courses are overseen by expert instructors and accessible for life so you can always brush up on your newly acquired sorcery skills.

Even better, until Thursday you can select the course of your choice for just 10.99…it’s worth doing just so you can say that you mastered Photoshop for 11 bucks.

But if you’re too lazy to spend the cash on a 23 hour SEO For Dummies course, (guilty) you can always reach out to my daughter, Hannah, who’s digital marketing agency, Creative House Social, specializes in all things internet.

Silver Linings eBook

Still not sure how the ending of Net Neutrality affects you personally? This piece from The Verge goes into detail about the everyday effects of the policy change, and although unintended consequences always loom in any major development, there are some positive aspects as well.

For example, AT&T is now able to offer “sponsored content,” such as unlimited streaming access to Hulu that won’t count against your data cap even with prepaid plans. At least in the early stages it’s more “different” than “bad” the way I see it, but let me know what you think.

Fully Loaded 

Okay, we’re all geeks here, right? I realize not everyone has the finely tuned sensibilities to fully appreciate the thought that went into preparing this guy’s travel bag, but I figure you folks will.

Just look at how thoroughly equipped he is: a laptop, two smartphones (personal and work, obviously), a high capacity power bank, a portable hotspot, and a full complement of chargers, adaptors, connectors, and other delightful devices.

As someone who frequently goes 12 hours without encountering a single outlet or free WiFi access point, it’s deeply satisfying to see such meticulous preparation for a trade show safari.

The Last Word

All right, that’ll about wrap things up for February! Thanks so much for continuing to make Brad’s Blog one of the leading weekly insurance and technology newsletters in your inbox.

Naturally I’ll be back in a few days with more geeky goodness, but be sure to shoot us an email if you need a little help navigating the new cyber reg atmosphere or even just want to chat. Have an amazing week!

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