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Get instant visibility into your agency’s cybersecurity posture and see how your security performance compares to industry averages. Request your cyber security audit report to learn more.
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    What Is Included In The Audit?

    Our complimentary report provides you with an initial baseline of your current security posture, shows you how you compare to industry peers and competitors, and gives you insight into areas of your security strategy that might need to be improved.

    Checks for both critical and optional patches/updates
    Checks the age and basic condition of hardware (Archway doesn’t sell hardware but we can help you find the best prices!
    Checks for irregularities, inefficiencies or incorrect configurations that may cause delays in processing performance
    Checks Active Directory (and related services DHCP, DNS, etc..) configuration and logs for errors or other common issues.
    Checks for standardization of software across entire network
    Is it running successfully with no irregular errors?  Checks health of hard drive backup based per best practices
    Checks hard drive storage for issues with existing storage, software, performance and other errors
    Checks utilization and performance of internet connection (are you getting what you pay for from your service provider?  If not, system analysis points to problematic issues.
    Checks configuration for open portals and other potential hacking risks
    Checks to make sure domain name configuration is correct and that e-mail records are setup to properly defend against SPAM or other e-mail based attacks.