Enhanced VoIP and Password Protection and Brad eats Crow!

From an Anonymous Reader

Last week I passed on some information on managing saved passwords in your browser for the sake of convenience, but this week I must share some knowledge shared with me by a particularly astute reader who may or may not have some background in…ahem…alternative data allocation techniques.

You see, it was brought to my attention by this individual (or group or AI) that saving passwords in your browser makes them ripe for the picking by cybercriminals. In fact their are apps for that. You can read about it here

Advanced Protocol

VoIP isn’t a product we sell here at Archway, but we certainly make frequent use of it. One of the phone systems many of our agents find most effective comes from The Kotter Group and is known as Bridge.

Bridge is a fully featured communication suite with all the bells and whistles, call forwarding, custom hold music, unlimited call queues, you name it. It also integrates with many popular AMS options, which is almost as important as allowing custom hold music.

Money and Power

With apologies to the eastern half of the country, this cold weather we’re getting in Southern California is getting to be unbearable.

We use a lot more electricity when it’s cold out for obvious reasons like hot coffee and Hulu, and if you’ve ever been curious about the amount of juice your appliances use in a given amount of time, this electricity monitor I found on Amazon is just great.

It connects to your appliance of choice and tracks usage as well as calculating expenses by the day, week, month, or year. One day soon I can envision a world in which you can ask Alexa how much electricity the devices she manages collectively use, which may become an awkward conversation.

The Last Word

Well, that’s about it for me this week, but before I go I wanted to show everyone that I am a man of my word, last or otherwise.

If you’ll recall, I lost a number of bets on the Super Bowl a little over a week ago, and so instead of wearing Patriots gear until well past the 4th of July, I have decided to consume my crow in one heaping helping in the form of a video extolling the greatness of Tom Brady, the single greatest man to ever bestride our humble planet.

I very much enjoyed making it of my own free will, and I think my unbridled enthusiasm for the project shines through.

Now that that unpleasantness is over I suppose there’s nothing to do but sign off, here’s to a happier ending next time around!

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