Are You Even Ready to Be Rich?

Rags to Riches to Rags…

An accountant might raise an eyebrow at the frequency with which I use my Amazon Prime subscription, but I’m generally good with money. I pretty much have to be since I’m not the heir to a candy bar fortune or anything, but who knows…somebody reading this might have a rich old uncle they’re unaware of.

That’s why I feel it’s relevant to mention that 7 out of 10 people who inherit money manage to somehow lose it all. Wouldn’t it be something to essentially get a winning lottery ticket then end up refilling two-liter soda bottles at fast food restaurants because you’ve squandered your gift from the Universe inside of 5 years?

In the hopes that such an unsavory fate should never befall any of my valued readers, I want to share this interesting article I stumbled across on Lifehacker. It outlines some smart investment strategies for managing sudden windfalls so your money can work for you and not against you.

…to Rich.

Everybody has their rotation of sites they check regularly—email, social media, entertainment and news are the standard circuit, and there are always a few wild cards… is one of mine.

Among Rich’s recent contributions to my lifestyle are the iPhone magnifier app that makes scanning small print easier for those of us who refuse to accept they need reading glasses, and this deal on a 55” Smart TV for $300 he spotlighted recently isn’t too shabby either.

Cut the Cost, Not the Cord

Raise your hand if you love your cable company!

Fine, no need for rude gestures, I get the point.

I understand, the major providers are making themselves harder and harder to love with their skyrocketing rates, but until the Internet finally humbles them for good, here are five ways to lower your monthly bill courtesy of

Our Tax-Deductible Vacation

We recently spent a little time in Cabo, and although it was technically a working vacation, if you’re must be productive a sunny beach in Mexico isn’t the worst backdrop for doing so. Unsurprisingly, we managed to make the most of our business trip, and if you want a list of fun things to do—and fun things to avoid—just shoot me an email.

Heroes without Helmets

Like most little boys, I went through a phase where being a firefighter was the coolest job on Earth.

As I grew older I realized that running toward a multistory stack of burning bricks was probably not the best thing for my long-term health, but the idea of coming to the rescue still appeals to me…which is why we’ve been doing what we do here at Archway for the last 3 decades.

Sure, most of our days are spent at the office on call for emergencies and educating the public on best safety practices…when it comes down to it, nobody really wants to see us in action.

Still, we’re always ready to respond when the call comes in…we even offer a free facility inspection system review to identify potential issues before they go kinetic.

Everything we do as a company is aimed at keeping your data and network resources secure, because in the digital world of today, the safety of your connected systems of an agency is every bit as important as that of the building they’re in. Read more about what we do here.

The Last Word

All right, that’ll just about do it for this engaging episode. I’d love to stay and chat, but today is Amazon Prime Day and…well, you understand, right?  Thanks for reading!

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