Internet Promises and Connections through Cycling

Promises, Promises

It’s always disappointing not to get the Internet speeds you were offered in the sliccompany ad isn’t it? Odds are your provider has been trying to woo you away from competitors for years with little bribes like gift cards and free sports packages, and so not getting what you came for is a bit like being stood up for a date–worse, you can’t even count on making it a Hulu night instead.If your internet speeds aren’t up to par with the lofty promises made before you signed that contract, the answer is to complain. Long and loud, that is, that old adage about the squeaky wheel getting the grease plays perfectly straight with Internet providers and the like. Of course, you’ll need to prove you’re not getting your end of the bargain first, and this Lifehacker piece goes into more detail about popular speed testing apps.

Virtuous Cycle

My daughter is an excellent athlete, letters in high school, walking up several flights of stairs without keeling over, the whole deal. Anyway, she takes her everyday fitness about as seriously as I should, and that’s why when she introduced me to Soul Cycle I knew it was something worth looking into.

Soul Cycle is the high-intensity meeting of a yoga class and spinning session, combining elements of strength training and cardio into an engaging workout. It’s about more than the bikes too…the sense of camaraderie that comes from pushing yourself to the limit in a group is impossible to imitate, especially with heart-pumping music set in a candle-lit environment. It’s almost ritualistic in a way, immersive in a way going for a long run to nowhere just isn’t.

The instructors at Soul Cycle do an excellent job of making the whole thing approachable for newcomers, so it’s easy to jump into a class and see if it’s for you. Don’t worry if you don’t have clip-on spin shoes either, your local outpost should have them for sale plus they’re available in the online shop.

Mapping Success

Data only becomes information in the proper context, and eSpatial is a great resource for combining raw numbers with location information to give you a multidimensional look at how your outreach efforts are being received.

Just take a spreadsheet with all of your prospects and clients and the eSpatial tool will lay the contact info on a map, and you can hover over any of the entries to see the full data set.

It’s an amazing tool for identifying location based patterns and taking advantage of trends, so you’re armed to the teeth with information. Here’s an example map we made with our clients…pretty slick, yeah?

The Last Word

That seems like about enough for one week, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks as always for making space in your schedule for another enlightening edition of “Brad’s Blog!” I’ll be scouting out things to talk about until I’m back in your inbox, but if you find something worth sharing, don’t be shy about sending it my way…I might even give you credit!

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