Is Office 365 Hippa Compliant and more Insuretech

Doctor’s Office

One of the questions I always get from people who use Office-365 is how suitable it is for logging sensitive information…for instance, medical professionals rely on HIPPA compliant programs to keep their patient information safe and also not get totally sued. It’s one of the most stringent standards for data security this side of the FBI, and for good reason.
So, do the security features of Office-365 make it HIPPA compliant? Consensus is tough to come by, but if pressed for an answer I’d say “yes.” The business version in particular is built to handle trade secrets and all manner of proprietary information with features such as two-factor identification, and this piece goes into further detail about what makes it a viable solution.

Social Media Never Forgets

As athletes and celebrities often find out after their transition from Everyday Joe, there’s no such thing as a secure old social media account. From enduring networks such as Twitter and Facebook to outdated LinkedIn pages and forum subscriptions, there’s probably a lot more of your personal data floating around out there than you think.
While many of the sites themselves are less than forthcoming about methods of truly deleting–not hiding, not deactivating, deleting–these old accounts, fortunately innovative third parties are starting to address this unforeseen issue. JustDeleteMedoes exactly what it says on the tin, wiping as much as possible of your information from the Internet in just a few clicks.

Brad’s Deal of the Week

If your kid needs a new laptop for the upcoming school year or if you need a backup because your Lenovo Thinkpad is on its’ last legs, check out this affordable and capable option. The Acer Aspire 1 offers a 14 inch full HD display along with a dual-cell battery that can kick out a full 9 hours of battery life, and at less than $200 it’s a steal. 

Mom Voyage

I’m going to be doing a bit of traveling in the next couple of weeks, and this time I’ll have a special guest: my wonderful 80-year-old mother! She hasn’t been on a real vacation in some time and I’m looking forward to leading her on the adventure of a lifetime…if you want to come with us (kinda), all you have to do is give me a follow on Twitter.

The Last Word

All right, that’s about enough for this edition! Thanks as always for carving out a little time in your schedule for this week’s insightful installment of “Brad’s Blog!” Not totally sure what the schedule for next week is with the travel and all, but whenever I’m sitting through a 6 hour layover or waiting for security to open after a red-eye flight, I’ll be thinking of you!

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