New Normal, Same Busted Bracket

Something Like Normal

Things finally appear to be getting back to normal after some truly crazy times in the past year or so.  One indication of better times ahead is the arrival of a different type of Madness altogether….that’s right, March Madness is now in full swing! 

It just fills my heart with joy to see big events like this slowly returning, so much so that I actually rescheduled a very important meeting made months in advance yesterday to watch my alma mater take the court. That gamble paid off, since my UCLA advanced to the Sweet 16 on the back of a great win over Abilene Christian. Best of luck stopping the Tide, boys!

My other wagers haven’t gone quite so well–didn’t have CDC beating Virginia Commonwealth–but I’m far from alone in burning my bracket after a string of incredible upsets in the most unpredictable Dances in memory. Feels good to actually enjoy something.

Zoom Hangups

On the other hand, I can’t be the only one entirely exhausted with Zoom meetings. 

Actually being forced to use video conferencing on an extended basis was an excellent demonstration that it is far from a perfect substitute for in-person meeting. Of course, corporate cost-cutting means it’s here to stay in the business world, so this CNET article includes insight on how to make these interminable sessions a bit more bearable. One tip is to turn off your self-view, particularly if you’re as distractingly handsome as I am.

Don’t Be Next

With the recent escalations in the arms race for data security, activating your two-factor identification may have never been more important. It’s the simplest way to ensure that a cybercrook has to work as hard as possible to access your network…or more likely, just move on to a softer target. 

Of course, if a hacker is focused on you in particular you’ll want to employ the best security resources…when SMS is no longer secure, you know the playing field has shifted. 

As general advice, I suggest using an app like Authy or Microsoft Authenticator to manage your 2FA…but for specific assistance, I’m always happy to help personally…just shoot me an email and we can set up a consultation schedule. 

Marketing Masterclass

As agency heads we’re always either expanding the toolbox of our organization or falling further behind the big dogs…that’s why I’m excited about this upcoming training initiative from Michael Jans Advisory…as an experienced organizational consultant in the industry, he has an incredible understanding of what it takes to compete in today’s marketplace.

Among the topics in this comprehensive 12-week digital course are scaling your agency for rapid growth, optimizing your online presence, and making every dollar you spend on marketing count. Every advisory session is live so you can pick the master’s brain, and the syllabus also incorporates the insights of guest experts in SEO, social media marketing, and video production…after all, we don’t sell the steak as much as the sizzle.

Whether your industry is still finding its footing or you’re looking to take what you’ve established to the next level, there’s bound to be something in this course you can turn into profit…I’ve learned a lot working with Michael, and I hope you’ll take the opportunity as well.

The Last Word

All right, that should just about wrap things up for this enthralling episode of “Brad’s Blog!” Thanks as always for taking time away from your incessant scrolling to check your email and find me there on purpose, I truly understand what it means. I’ll be back in your inbox in about a week’s time if all goes to plan…and hopefully my Bruins will still be in the Tournament!

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