Policy Protectors + Microsoft Mastery

Policy Protectors: Crafting Cyber Safeguards

Greetings, digital defenders and insurance aficionados! This week, we’re diving into a cyber conundrum. Our VP of Customer Support, SueAnn, noticed a sharp insight has unveiled a startling trend among independent insurance agencies – a glaring absence of cyber insurance policies and procedures. It’s like having a firewall with holes!


Recall the digital dexterity we achieved at Archway with our “Bring Your Device, But Securely” (BYOD) policy? It’s high time other agencies adopt such cyber-savvy protocols. If you’re part of the Big I family, tap into a treasure trove of policy templates. Let’s button up those digital defenses!

Microsoft Mastery: Unlocking the Suite Secrets

Next on our techno-tour: a deep dive into the depths of Microsoft 365. Agents, you’ve mastered the Microsoft trinity – Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint – but there’s more beneath the surface. Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive are like hidden treasures in the Office ocean.


Eager to explore these uncharted waters? Sail over to this guide, brimming with 15 cool features of Office 365 that you’re probably overlooking. Dive in and discover how these tools can streamline your workflow!

Discover Office 365’s Hidden Treasures


AI-lly Yours: Embracing the Future of Work

Now, let’s venture into the AI arena. While CHATGPT has been a stellar sidekick, there are other AI allies waiting to be enlisted:

  • Scribe (scribehow.com): Your digital documenter. It transforms your actions into step-by-step guides, making training and documentation as easy as a click.

  • Beautiful AI: The artful assistant for creating compelling presentations. Just prompt, and presto – visually stunning slides in seconds.

  • SaneBox: Your email environment enhancer. It intelligently sorts through your inbox, ensuring that only the essential emails catch your eye.

The Last Word: Charting a Course for 2024

As we set our sights on the horizon of 2024, it’s not just about cyber strategies but also personal resolutions. This year, my compass points towards a healthier lifestyle. Less alcohol, more agua. Strength training over screen time. Here’s to a year of building stronger firewalls and stronger selves. Here’s to a balanced, healthier, more resilient 2024!



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