Retention Revolutionized + Brushing Up on Tech

Defender of Tooth

Anyone who knows me knows I’m absolutely obsessed with good dental hygiene…for example, getting to brush and floss immediately after meals is one of the nicer perks of working from home. 

It’s not just that those old Cavity Creeps commercials got to me. There are a lot of good reasons to be diligent about your dental routine, and some go far deeper than a brilliant smile. Good oral hygiene has been directly linked to lowering your risk of cardiovascular problems. That’s right, something as simple as brushing and flossing your teeth regularly can lower your risk of scary sounding situations like atrial fibrillation and…*checks notes*…heart failure.

That’s right, it has been clinically proven that dental hygiene is actually serious as a heart attack.

And so, I do what I can to keep this handy human body of mine in the best possible condition…my personal favorite enhancement to the typical routine is this jet flosser by Waterpic. It’s portable, rechargeable, and has a water tank you can remove and clean. Sometimes I imagine I’m blasting bacteria out of there with an orbital laser, but that’s up to you…the results remain amazing either way.

There’s definitely a theme here: wherever technology and good dental hygiene meet, you can probably find me there…including at CES, where I was thrilled to learn that futuristic toothbrushes are A Thing now. Emerging tech disruptor Colgate introduced the smart brush to the world, with its optic sensor technology to detect biofilm buildup in the mouth and real time data tracking that builds a unique profile for the individual using it to build better technique.

I’m told I looked exactly like that heart-eye emoji the first time I saw the prototype.

It won’t hit drugstore shelves or Colgate Stores for a few months yet, but I’m sure you know you’ll hear about the smart brush again the moment I get my hands on it…so excited!

Outstanding Outreach

Man, all that dental hygiene geekery got me pretty pumped up…it’s about the same mindset I had to work myself into before doing a marathon phone session back in the old days. 

Of course, the call center has undergone a transformation in the last decade or so, but the importance of staying in personal contact with clients and prospects has never been higher for agencies like ours, and blueButler is a valuable resource in the customer retention game. 

blueButler gives you access to a powerful suite of tools to help monitor and guide your agency’s outreach. It can refine your sales and service practices by generating call campaign reminders as well as compiling and sharing call recordings that highlight the techniques of your top performers, ensuring every contact with your clientele is a winner. blueButler also integrates with some of the leading agency management systems, so it’s definitely worth a look.

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Wait, you’re still hanging on to Windows 7? At this point, I’m actually kind of impressed, but seriously…it’s time. 
Microsoft is officially abandoning support for its’ 11 year old OS (frankly I’m surprised they kept it going this long), so unless your system being vulnerable to literally every type of malware to be released from next week until the end of time sounds good to you, it’s time to take that copy of Windows 7 behind the shed and say a tearful goodbye. 
*Psst…hey, if you’re really in a tight spot, a buddy of mine by the name of CNET might know where someone like yourself can procure a copy of Windows 10, absolutely gratis. I can’t promise anything, but it might work out for you if you have the right hardware.*

The Last Word

Well, that’s about all we have for this week! Thanks to all my loyal readers for taking time out of their busy routine for my weekly ramble, it means more than you know. I’ll be back in your inbox right on schedule in a week’s time give or take, but before I go…when was your last dental exam?

You knew that was coming.

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