Running on Clouds + Smarter Snacktime

Pricey Pep in Your Step

I do not like spending a lot of money on clothes, but with my mileage increasing as I train for my 10k, I knew it was time to upgrade my current running shoes. A friend of mine, who happens to competitively run marathons, said if I was at all serious about improving my long-distance running, The HOKA One shoes are a must.

I’m not going to lie – while these are the most expensive shoes I’ve ever owned, they are also, without a doubt, indeed the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn. I’ve never experienced the cushion and pep these things give off, whether I’m on a long run, or going on a casual walk around the block. So if you’re looking to invest in your foot-fitness game, look no further.

The Millennial Moment by Hannah – Snack Smarter Edition

I consider myself somewhat of a healthy snack-influencer; having worked-at-home most of my adult life, ensuring there are nutritious, easy options always available in my kitchen helps prevent any impulsive hangry decisions (like ordering a dozen cookies on Postmates to fight the mid-afternoon slump). If you’re ready to level-up your healthy snack-game, check out some of my go-to’s:

Barebells Protein Bars:  Believe it or not, most protein bars aren’t much better for you than a regular old candy bar, and yet still taste like chalky cardboard. So when I tried Barebells, without sounding dramatic, my life was changed. THEY TASTE LIKE A REAL CANDY BAR. But with 20 grams of protein, are are low in carbs sugar. I enjoy them before my workouts, or even heated up in the microwave for dessert, and have gotten everyone I know hooked on them.

Smart Sweet Candy: With Halloween coming up, my sweet-tooth is in full-force. And as much as I want to dive head first into a bowl of sour gummy worms, I know sugar crash would be catastrophic. Thankfully, Smart Sweets offers a variety of gummy candy options coming in at 100 calories per bag, and 92% less sugar than the traditional candy options. They company is woman-owned, started by a 19-year-old college dropout, and is now available at most major-retailers around the country. I prefer buying in bulk at a lower cost on amazon (and because my favorites, the Peach Rings, are always sold-out in my local stores.)

The Windows Wait is Over

After six years during which Windows 10 remained largely unchanged, the world’s most popular desktop operating system is getting a major overhaul with the unveiling of Windows 11. After a couple years of ho-hum updates, the Windows-using world—at least some of it—has something to get excited about.  Promising new features include beautiful, more consistent new design capabilities, great window layout options, improved performance features, and more.

While Windows 11’s official release date is Oct. 5, you can upgrade from Windows 10 to 11 for free right now by following these directions, just make sure it supports your CPU. We don’t recommend doing this just yet, but if you do want to take the plunge contact your IT professional before doing anything upgrade-related yourself.

Pandemic Prevention

I know we all have pandemic-fatigue at this point, so I think we can all agree that we’d like to prevent something like this ever happening again; the question is, how do we do that? I recently read the book Uncontrolled Spread, which shows how the coronavirus and its variants were able to trounce America’s pandemic preparations, and outlines the steps that must be taken to protect against the next outbreak. It’s smart, well-written, and sprinkled with interesting anecdotes from the author’s time in government and experience as a doctor.

The Last Word

Thank you again for reading this edition of Brad’s Blog! Hard to believe we are beginning Spooky Season this week, otherwise known as the month of October. I’m not sure if I’ll be dressing up for Halloween this year, but I’m open to any costume recommendations you have for me. Feel free to schedule a call with me to give me your best ideas! (Unless your idea is ‘be a geek’, because that’s my costume for the other 364 days of the year.) Have a great week everyone!

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