Stealth Screens and Insurance by Amazon

Fall of the Trojans

Well, it’s been a couple of days and I’m still recovering from the big game–that is, UCLA extending its win streak by taking down archrival USC at home on Saturday. The Lady Bruins even threw in a victory over their counterparts from Southern Cal Monday night just for good measure.

With the pair of victories both squads are looking like viable Tournament entries, which is always an exciting development, especially after last season when both teams made the Sweet Sixteen. We’re a basketball school, always have been…what can I say?

Spy Screen

Do you consider yourself paranoid? It’s not the absolute worst mode of operation, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you. Well, for you shifty-glancers and triple-checkers out there, I present to you the HP Elitebook.

The EliteBook’s main feature is its HP SureView screen that is only fully visible from straight on and fades at an angle, so your trade secrets, account balances, password entries, and other private screenings remain for your eyes only.

Amazon Tracking

Speaking of paranoia, Amazon has unveiled the next phase of its plan to completely take over all facets of your life.

Not content with robotic listening devices that record all your conversations while controlling your music and electronic locks that give strangers access to your home when you’re not around, now the company that has spent years finding out exactly what you like and where you live is getting into the insurance game.

Tinfoil hat off, this latest direction for the e-commerce titan is sure to shake up the industry in interesting and unpredictable ways. Imagine your health insurance being tied to your lifestyle purchases such as fitness equipment, activity trackers, and delicious snacks on demand. Amazon is putting a lot of their muscle behind this, so we’ll just have to see where it goes.

Top Terminals

I spend a lot of time in airports, and while some are pretty much the worst combination of a bus station and a warehouse, others are actually pretty cool. This site spotlights some of the most fascinating features of airports from around the world, from the extravagant world class retail space you would expect in Dubai to the live music stages in Nashville. Good info for a long layover, wouldn’t you say?

The Last Word

Well, that’s quite enough for this week! Thanks as always for checking out this exciting episode for Brad’s Blog! I’ll be back on schedule when scheduled, but until then don’t be afraid to shoot me an email!

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