2023 Vision + Lights, Camera, Archway!


Reel in the Risk

If you happen to own a Barracuda hardware device called the Email Security Gateway (ESG), though, we’ve got a little issue to discuss. These devices have run into a pretty serious vulnerability that could put your data at risk. Initially, Barracuda tried to fix it with some software updates, but turns out, the problem is so stubborn that the updates just won’t cut it.


So here’s the deal: we’re recommending you take down those affected hardware devices and replace them entirely. It’s a necessary step to ensure your data stays safe and sound. If you’re not sure whether you’ve got one of those devices, it’s probably a good idea to double-check with Barracuda or follow their instructions, just to be on the safe side. Happy data protecting!

(Pricey) Visions of the Future

You’ve probably heard some rumblings about Apple’s new Vision Pro, and their hefty $3,500 price tag. This thing is the real deal when it comes to virtual and mixed reality experiences. Picture this: you slip on the knitted head strap, adjust the dial for a snug fit, and bam! You’re transported into a mind-blowing world.


The Vision Pro takes things to a whole new level. The screens on this bad boy are better than 4K, delivering insanely crisp visuals with no lag or screen door effect. It’s like stepping into another dimension, but with the real world still in view. Instead of transparent lenses, you get a real-time video feed beamed from external cameras onto those stunning screens. It’s a bit like the futuristic tech in the movie “Strange Days” where you can replay and relive real events through wearable tech.


Will I be buying them? The jury is still out – so until I am able to give you all the Official Brad Review, check out this YouTuber’s first impressions.


From Techie to Tinseltown

The rumors are true… I am now an actor! Well, almost. I recently had the opportunity to sit down and discuss everything amazing about Archway Computer, and why we’re the best choice for insurance agencies. Not only that, but we captured it all in glorious 4K HD. A pretty cool perk of having a future son-in-law who happens to be a Hollywood producer.


Now, I know you might be wondering, “What makes Archway Computer the go-to choice for insurance agencies?” Well, I’m glad you asked! Our video explains it all. Take a few minutes to watch it and discover how we can revolutionize your agency’s efficiency, bolster your security measures, and catapult your growth potential.


At Archway Computer, we believe in the power of technology to transform businesses. We’re not just your average tech company—we’re your trusted partner, guiding you through the complex world of IT with expertise and a touch of geeky charm.


So, get ready to embark on an exciting journey with Archway Computer. Check out our video and let us show you how we can take your agency to new heights of success. Lights, camera, innovation—let’s make your insurance agency the star of the show!


The Last Word

Keep rocking the tech world and have an incredible rest of the week, my fellow geeks! May your gadgets be cutting-edge, your codes be bug-free, and your innovations be game-changers. Remember to embrace your inner tech superstar and keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Wishing you all a fantastic week filled with endless possibilities and geeky adventures! Stay awesome!


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