HEX-it + Unveil the Dual-Screen Delight

HEX-it Stage Left

Tired of trudging through the digital Dark Ages? It’s time to break free from the clutches of the past and journey towards a brighter, more integrated future. In case you missed it, Applied Systems is discontinuing offering and supporting the Applied Microsoft Hosted Exchange email service. Bid adieu to your antiquated email system, which seems stuck in a time loop.


But fret not, dear readers! Archway Computer specializes in hassle-free and cost-effective email migrations for hundreds of independent insurance agencies like yours. To ensure your transition is smooth and hassle-free, schedule a call with our migration expert, Walter Harry, to learn how Archway can tailor its services to meet your agency’s specific need, and ensure your transition remains smooth and uncomplicated.  


Unleash Your Inner Net-Worker!

Gather ’round, tech voyagers! Applied Net 2023 is on the horizon, and we’re gearing up for a digital extravaganza of epic proportions. The stage? The Aria Resort in Las Vegas. The goal? To connect, collaborate, and catapult your insurance tech game to the next level. Are you an HEX exile in search of a new email haven? Swing by our booth for a tech tête-à-tête and discover how Archway Computer can be your trusty sidekick. Let’s unite our bytes and create a symphony of innovation!



Hold onto your keyboards, because I’ve got a dual-screen delight to unveil! Introducing the Lenovo Dual Screen Yoga 9i – the tech marvel that lets you multitask like a computer-sorcerer. It’s a journey beyond the ordinary, where working, browsing, and entertainment converge in perfect harmony.


But beware, fellow travelers, for every adventure has its trade-offs. Is it worth the leap into this brave new world? If you’re like me, someone who thrives on multitasking and finding new ways to optimize their workflow, this dual-screen odyssey might just be your perfect match. One thing’s for sure – your productivity will thank you!


The Last Word

As the sun blazes and the circuits sizzle, it’s time to keep your tech game chill. Summer’s in full swing, and while you’re basking in the warm rays, remember to keep your gadgets from overheating. It’s been a blast sharing the latest tech tales with you, my fellow digital explorers. From HEX to Applied Net, and all the bytes in between, we’ve journeyed through the binary universe together. Until our next geeky rendezvous, stay groovy, stay techy, and keep riding the digital wave!


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