A new challenger for ad-block supremacy – plus better computer posture for free.

Stand Up Guy

Being able to work from wherever is great, but one of the best things about being back at my home office after touching down from Orlando this weekend is being able to use my standing desk again. The dangers of overseatedness are well documented, and I do a surprising amount of sitting when I’m on the road…a little weird to be standing there pecking out emails in the dining room of an airport Saladworks.

That’s why I’ve been swearing by the standing desk for a while now, and this slick little apparatus from Amazon allows you to turn your standard-height desk into a standing desk so you can try it for yourself. The way I see it, using a standing workstation is one of those little everyday efforts like stretching regularly or cutting back a bit on salt that allow one to make less prudent choices from time to time, but until I manage to convert you too here are some tips to make working while sitting less of a pain in the neck (and back and forearm muscles and.

Beyond Basic Bodyweight 

Connected apps have made it so much easier to appreciate all the results of a commitment to fitness, especially since the numbers on an old-school scale rarely tell the whole story.

Enter the modern smart scale: just climb aboard (with or without your phone) to get everything short of a full physical, including BMI calculation and skeletal muscle analysis, there’s bound to be a piece of good news somewhere in there.

This model I saw the other day should do the job nicely, and will even arrive to you in a smiling box because you’re looking great these days.

The Neverending Story

Annoyed by advertising on webpages? Join the club, it’s called “Pretty Much Everyone,” we’re having a chili cook-off this month.

All jokes aside, if you’ve had your fill of autoplay ads–always at maximum volume for who knows what reason–and those pop-up page fillers that have somehow evolved to move their closure [X] button as a defensive technique, there’s an aptly named app for Chrome that represents the next step in the seemingly eternal dance between ad and blocker.

The Last Word 

Well now, that’ll do for this week, won’t it? Thanks as always for making space in your schedule for my weekly ramblings, to stay out of your Spam folder after all this time is an ongoing honor. I’ll be back with more “Brad’s Blog” before you know it, but if you can’t wait for the weekend edition (and especially if you have something you think I should spotlight soon) don’t be shy about sending me an email…this doesn’t have to be such a one sided chat, ya know.

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