Brad’s Blog Weekend Edition: Pre-Flight Tech Checklist

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I’m traveling this weekend and between you and me, I hate paying for Wi-Fi on an airplane. Not only can it it dicey in terms of speed, it’s also way too expensive…imagine paying $16.99 to check your email once and hit the paywall on a news site over the course of half an hour.

That’s why the Pocket app is a lifesaver when I’m in one of the modern world’s few limited-connection areas. With Pocket, I can clip out an article that looks interesting for later reading…you folks that keep 46 tabs open in your browser should appreciate that.Oh, and if you need to get by those aggressive new adblocker-blockers everyone seems to have put up lately, this handy batch of data might be able to point you in the right direction.

Defeating Distraction

Got a 5-hour layover during my journey–some cities just do not connect directly, quelle horreur–and I also like to have a good read at the ready when I’m sitting across from some Cinnabon in central Nebraska. 

Right now I’m taking in “Indistractable,” a guide to maintaining focus in a world increasingly filled with diversions…especially for us techies, who have actually made a career of chasing shiny things around the world all day long. It’s fun, of course….but if I’m being honest with myself, I could definitely be more productive some days. Alexander Graham Bell had it right: “…the Sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” Good call, Alex.

The Last Word 

Well, I’ve got some packing yet to do before this weekend’s travels, but in case you’re still feeling dutiful this beautiful Saturday, it’s my job to inform you that cybercrooks do not take weekends off…your passwords and data could be floating around out there on the dark web.

That’s why I’m doing my readers a solid and running a free dark web scan for anyone who asks to see if their data has been exposed…just shoot me an email and I’ll drop a report in your inbox over the weekend…we don’t take days off either.

Have a great weekend everybody, hope to talk to you Tuesday!

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