A New Hope

Refining Resolutions

It´s (finally) 2021 and that means it’s time to make our New Years resolutions…or is it? 

The running joke among us humans is how nobody ever keeps theirs, but my track record with them is actually pretty good…about 53 weeks ago I made 5 of them and managed to keep 3 all the way through The Year We No Longer Discuss (what can I say, months of rolling quarantines really messed with my new, healthier meal plans).

Still, I’m looking to do even better this year, so this LifeHack piece is especially timely. Apparently I´ve been doing the whole thing wrong from the ground up, and the article goes into detail about getting your latest reinvention off to a sustainable start. Spoiler alert: rewarding yourself regularly is a big part of the process…that much I can certainly follow through on.

Analog Paper is So Last Year

If there´s one thing my readers should know about me by now, it´s that I´m a dedicated gadget guy…there´s no feeling in the world like reaching into a pocket, bag, or drawer and pulling out the ideal implement for the specific situation…it´s about 2 notches under becoming a cyborg. 

With that typed, my new favorite tech toy is the Remarkable 2, a device for writing and sharing your scribbles. You see, back in the dark ages, I used to use lots of those yellow notepads that lawyers on TV use, and beyond evoking this uninspiring imagery the ink always used to smear during my left-handed scrawling sessions. 

In contrast, the Remarkable 2 checks all the boxes…it gives the tactile sensation of writing on paper, but without the drawbacks of analog tree slices…feels like the future every time.

Ready For Your Close-Up?

After a long layoff from the professional polish of the business world, few of us are looking our absolute best…which might deepen the dread of your next conference call. As what the kids call an ¨social media influencer,¨ I´ve had ample time to consider my best angles and the proper lighting to highlight them even before essentially all of existence moved online last year. 

Most people, however, have not, and so if you´ve found yourself in the middle of a Zoom call looking like a ¨before¨ picture, this professional lighting kit can ensure you have a much more photogenic ¨after¨ in 2021.

The Last Word

Well, that´s a strong start to what we´re all hoping is a better year this time around. Thanks as always for making time in your weekly routine for this illuminating installment of ¨Brad´s Blog,¨ I consider every opened email a compliment. I´ll be back in your inbox soon, but until then you can check out the new and improved Archway website and drop me a line to let me know your thoughts. Until next week, geek scouts!

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