A Year for the eBooks

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There’s never been a better time to get and stay informed than the present, and so I’m proud to announce a strong start to 2021 with our new eBook! 

Yes indeed, coming hot off the digital presses are 5 of the most information-packed tips you’ll read this week, spotlighting top cyber security tips and other random acts of geekery…and since I love my readers, it comes to you compliments of the chef. I guarantee it’s worth way more than the cost of admission.

CES Goes Virtual

CES in Vegas is always a highlight of my year, with the consumer electronics extravaganza consistently delivering on its promise of the shiniest new toys in the tech world. 

Although it won’t be quite the same this year for The Obvious Reason, it will still be very interesting to see how the showcase evolves to fit our strange new world. CNET offers an early peek at the first virtual edition of CES, including trending topics among the nearly 2,000 vendors scheduled to make presentations and some of the slickest new upgrades for the homes we’re all spending so much more time in this year,

Step 1: Start Over

Pretty much anyone who has done that long, slow blink while a page is loading in the hopes that when you open your eyes again the process will be complete has asked themselves the question: should I just go ahead and reboot this thing?

Well if you have to ask, the answer is probably “yes”…Lifehacker has a more detailed explanation of the underlying principle, but it can basically be summed up with the universal truth that the first step to any troubleshooting process is to turn the device off, then back on…it even works with people, why do you think they tell folks to “sleep on it?” 

The Apple Watch Has My Heart

The Apple Watch has no end of nifty features for you to show off to your friends, family, and followers, but did you know it also comes equipped with a full suite of utilities aimed at your health? 

The sixth and latest iteration of the flagship wearable features a range of sensors including a blood-oxygen monitor, but earlier models back to 2018 come equipped with an electrocardiogram, or ECG…with wellness on everyone’s minds these days, TechRadar goes into more detail on how you can use yours to keep a mindful eye on your cardiovascular health.

The Last Word

All right, that should just about wrap it up for this go-round! Thanks as always for making time in your weekly routine for another exhilarating edition of “Brad’s Blog,” I appreciate every moment you spend here with me. I’ll be back in your inbox less than a week from now, but until then don’t forget to head over to the new and improved Archway site!

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