Amazon: Your next health insurance company

Winter Wonderland Weartest

You´ll never catch me saying that Chicago isn’t one of the greatest cities in this coast-to-coast country of ours…spectacular sights, fantastic food, and as an aesthetic note, what just might be the spiffiest city flag in America.

What an incredible place to find yourself for a week or so…except, of course, for the December chill…the kind of cold that hurts, just a little.

As a SoCal native I probably won’t be needing this coat back at home pretty much, but to call it a lifesaver is only exaggerating about 20 percent. 

It was worth every penny despite the fact that I might not wear it again for months, and  I would absolutely recommend it to anyone living in a climate that actually features winter. You can check out our pics here.

A New Challenger Appears!

I’ve long had my choice of headphone (coincidentally, my dog’s favorite kind to chew) but checking out some of the early buzz for this set from Sony has me seriously considering other options.

If you didn’t happen to give that link above a click, it’s a piece from CNET with the headline ¨Sony WH-1000XM3 finally surpasses Bose as best noise-canceling headphone,¨ which is big talk from where I’m sitting.

With a redesigned headband and reduced weight in the speakers, apparently the latest from Sony is not only more comfortable, but cranks out better sound.

Also gotta love the upgrade from Micro USB to USB-C charging, delivering a quick charge mode that rewards 10 minutes of patience with 5 hours of playback and…you know what, it´s already in my Amazon shopping cart.

Paging Dr. Alexa?

Speaking of Amazon, it seems like they’re getting their generally capable fingers into everything. People were surprised enough when the online retailer decided to be Netflix, let alone when they bought out Whole Foods to give them a brick and mortar presence for their Amazon Fresh service.

Well, most people were surprised…John Doerr wasn’t. You see, John here was an investor in Amazon when it was just an online bookstore (which gives him a certain amount of credibility for his foresight off the bat), but accurately predicted the Whole Foods takeover well in advance.

His latest look into the magic 8-ball tells him that his buddy Jeff–yes, of course that Jeff–is looking at starting up a healthcare service, which makes sense based on the amount of information they must have on their customer base.

In this CNBC feature, Doerr says he expects tech giants to have the same effect on healthcare as they did advertisement, which is exciting and unsettling in equal measure.

It´s The Thought That Counts

Despite my meticulous approach to selecting electronics and peripherals, I’m really not all that hard to please…just give me a little something special and I´ll sing your praises

For example, I prefer Uber Conference for client communications not only for its array of features and easy to use interface–who doesn’t have that–but for its hilarious hold music.

I also stay loyal to Screenleap among the dozens of perfectly capable screen sharing software solutions out there…sure, there are a few places you can get download-free screen sharing on demand, but how many similar utilities will let you do it for free? That’s right, sometimes it’s the little things.

The Last Word

Well then, that was certainly a fulfilling week in the world of tomorrow. Thanks as always for joining us for another intriguing installment of ¨Brad´s Blog,¨ doing this is one of the consistent highlights of my week and I´m so fortunate to have you share it with me.

I’ll be back on schedule next time around, don´t be shy about shooting me an email if there´s something that gets your geek going in the meantime!

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