USPS Joins the 21st Century and SimplTxt

You’ve Got Mail

Recovering from the fire is going about as well as can be expected, things are slowly getting back to normal.

After getting a new place, I´ve even been able to turn my attention to everyday concerns like the mail. USPS has finally gone digital, rolling out an Informed Delivery service in many test markets nationwide.

With Informed Delivery, the outside of your deliveries are scanned and sent to you the morning before they arrive, so if you have a big insurance check coming that day you get a preview.

Informed Delivery isn’t available everywhere in the country right now (you can check here to see if it has come to your area yet) but it’s a really nifty feature and best of all it’s absolutely free.

Convenient Client Contact

If you plan to be a successful agency, staying in constant contact with your clients must be a core part of your game plan. We like Simpltxt for the task…a 30 second sign-up process gets you access to a fully integrated service that lets your employees send messages to your customers anytime.

All you need is the recipient’s mobile number to get features like automatic correspondence tracking and message archiving, and since everything is associated with the same phone number, your customers don’t have to have your entire staff saved in their contacts.

Alexa, Augmented

Another thing I’ve managed to reestablish early in the rebuild is my relationship with Alexa.

That´s why I´m really getting a lot out of this Amazon-enabled Polk Audio sound bar. The sound quality is pretty darn good for a unit that doesn’t promise full surround sound, and the price is right…but here, don´t take my word for it.

Instead, check out this video of a crazy guy describing why he likes it, it would have convinced me if I didn’t already own one.

The Last Word

Well, I have some phone calls to make so I won´t keep you much longer, but thanks as always for making ´Brad´s Blog¨an essential part of your weekly routine. I shall return to your inbox in a few days time–if, of course, you will have me–but until then, remember that your success is always proportionate to the number of people you serve and how well you serve them.

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