Applied Science + Taking Notes Online

Handy Dandy Notebook

Greats of the human race from daVinci to Edison have sworn by the pocket notebook, so when I’m feeling inventive (or forgetful) jotting things down really helps lock them into my mind. Being a dedicated tech geek, I opt for Apple Notepad instead of analog tree slices, especially with the number of features it brings to the table…this piece from PCMag details some of the slickest

(Link says 9, but they gave us 15…overdelivering is a solid strategy, write that down.)

Applied Acquisition Analysis

Applied Systems made something of a surprise move when they acquired Ez-Lynx recently, so I’ve been fielding a lot of questions on the subject. 

Some draw a line between the acquisition and Applied’s fond eye for Ez-Lynx’ Webbased rater, but many more have come to me with concerns that another of our industry’s top utilities is doomed to go the way of TechCanary. In any event, I found this blog post on the subject an interesting read, and since I know some folks at Applied are regular readers as well, I’d like to get their thoughts on the latest upgrades to the world’s leading content management system.

Steve Anderson Speaks

Steve Anderson is a bonafide legend in the Insurance Tech community…if you’ve been anywhere along the speaking circuit in the last couple of decades, you recognize the name. An advance copy of his new book on Jeff Bezos delivers a compelling read indeed, but I’m equally excited about his latest tech tips digest spotlighting the most essential tools and toys in the marketplace today. Give it a look if you’re thinking about expanding your capabilities this year.

The Last Word

Well, that’s just about all for today in the tech world…besides, you probably have some other stuff to do today, yeah? Thanks as always for making space for me in the inbox you actually check, every opened email puts a smile on my face. I’ll be back around sooner than you think–the weeks are really starting to fly by–but until then have a productive and fulfilling week!

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