Blast From The Past + The Encouraged Eavesdropping Experience

Turn On, Listen Up, Chime In

Have you ever overheard an especially interesting conversation? I was once in a restaurant back in the before times when I started to hear some snippets of a heated but friendly debate between what had to be two astrophysicists drinking together at the next table. 

To be honest, I couldn’t even understand everything they were saying–they went heavy on the technical talk–but what I did grasp was fascinating..something about liquid water under the icy surface of Saturn’s moon, the word “methane” was used pointedly…it made me wish it was socially acceptable to walk over and ask them to explain everything.

I tell you this to say I sorta came up with Clubhouse years ago.

Clubhouse is a new utility from Apple that offers a front row seat to some of the most interesting conversations ever chatted. Unlike the pair of scientists at dinner that night, these featured guests mean to be heard. Famous, interesting, and knowledgeable people join up to talk about something special, and since the experience encourages audience participation, you might get a chance to contribute even if you are none of the above. 

Of course, you’ll need to be invited before you can get in on the edutainment, but as always I’ve got the party pass…shoot me an email for an invite!

Spotlight on Silica 

You know those silica gel packs that come with shoes, the ones that tell everyone “Throw Away, Do Not Eat!” but that weird kid from your 3rd grade class ate them anyway on a dare? Well, those little packets have way more uses than that…this Lifehacker piece offers a few ideas for recycling them…for instance, they really cut down on that sweaty sock odor from your gym bag.

Topping the Laptop

Laptops are amazing, but the shift to remote work across industries have brought some of their limitations to the forefront. If you’re in a line of work like engineering, animation, a laptop just might not have the juice you need to get the most out of all that expensive software. 

That’s why the desktop tower, once as shunned as the woodtone floor model TV set, has made a surprising comeback recently. The desktop towers of today deliver all the raw power of a larger unit in a compact package, so you can just pop it in your messenger bag and head off to destinations abroad once we can all travel again. Here are some of the most portable models so you can start visualizing your Instagram workspace post from that Italian cafe next year.

The Last Word

All right, that’s about all we have in the bag this week, but before we wrap things up I’d like to call someone very special out on the stage: Our digital marketing manager/web design guru (shameless plug of the spiffy new Archway website she designed), and all-around internet-savvy, Hannah! Oh, and did I mention she’s also my daughter?

Hannah has been doing great work around here for some time now, and if you like what you’re seeing there’s an easy way to make your Internet presence as awesome as ours: let her do it! Just schedule a meeting with her though HubSpot to discuss your options for web design and social media outreach…you’re reading this, so obviously whatever she’s doing works.

Thanks as always for making time for another enthralling edition of “Brad’s Blog!”

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