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Let’s start off with what’s important: my new profile picture turned out great. Home office is coming along nicely, and I even put on pants with my spiffy suit jacket just for the photo.

Well, the home office is coming along nicely, at least.

Anyway, in case you didn’t notice that photograph is the cornerstone of Archway’s new and improved website, which I’m really excited about. 

Our digital marketing supervisor (and my daughter) Hannah Ruben did an outstanding job giving our old home an overdue facelift, and if your site could use some sprucing up she would be happy to offer some free guidance. Remember, your Internet footprint is your introduction to every potential client these days, so a better website directly translates to more business.

Actually, the new site is getting such rave reviews in the past couple of weeks that my son took notice of all the praise I’ve been lavishing on her lately, so I wanted to let you know he’s doing great as well (shout out my fellow nerd and son, Sam!).

Wunderite: The Customer-Facing Platform For Independent Insurance Agencies

The firm Wunderite is getting plenty of buzz over in the freezing East for their work streamlining the online sales process for small agencies. By automating some of the more time-consuming aspects of approving policies, the little guy can offer some of the same instant outcome click-click-convenience the big players rely on to scoop up thousands of new customers in a single commercial break. It’s interesting stuff, check out the press release from this week.

Unpossible Grammatical Accuracy

Disney+ now has The Simpsons for some reason, and although byzantine licensing agreements are a discussion all their own, I have to say having every episode in one place is convenient. One of my favorite moments from the series was when Ralph Wiggum, after receiving an academic alert for his unsatisfactory progress in the classroom, delivers a truly classic line: “Me fail English, that’s unpossible!

Hearing it this year I laughed like I always do, but at the same time I can never help feeling slightly haunted by decades of squiggly red corrections from word processing programs. I also struggle with formal language rules: I can identify a noun and a verb just fine, but I have no idea what a dangling participle is and frankly find the idea offensive. That’s why this year I finally decided to invest in Grammarly…the less my writing and Ralph’s have in common, the bettere̶s̶t̶.

Amazon Stays Fresh

My appreciation has evolved into an obsession…like everyone else we’re eating at home a lot more lately and there’s never been an easier way to go shopping. Just add what you want to the list and your order shows up in a couple of hours…remember a couple of segments back when we discussed how making your product as easy as possible to use was a guaranteed boost in business? Amazon Fresh delivers on that promise…the cupboards are never bare around here.

The Last Word

All right, that’s about all we have this week but spoiler alert, stay tuned for the next illuminating installment of “Brad’s Blog!” I hear from a very reliable source–me–that Archway is announcing a major partnership in the coming days, so there should definitely be more to share about that next time around. Until then, thanks as always for taking the time, have an outstanding week!

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