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Say Hi to Hannah!

I’m proud to start off this week by introducing my readers to a longtime friend of Archway! Hannah is a social media and digital marketing wiz (the geek doesn’t fall far from the nerd tree) who happens to have her own consulting business at

Hannah is long overdue for offering her signature brand of marketing insights to the world in my opinion, and I couldn’t be happier that she’s taking this step. Well, maybe a bit happier since she’s also running an exclusive offer on her services just for my readers!

Just contact her here and mention me to redeem the offer (and because I like being mentioned)! Plus I’m her dad.

Sweet Deals

How could Amazon possibly get better?

Drone delivery? Okay…maybe. Some kind of frequent buyer program? Sure. An option to 3D print products you order immediately? Yes, without a doubt.

Fine, I suppose there are a few ways.

Still, most of that is probably at least 6 months off, so for now Honey will have to do.

Honey is a Chrome extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes whenever you shop on Amazon, and it’s a valuable resource in my everyday life for obvious reasons.

It’s a Small World After All

Of course, when you’re in a time where an infinite online warehouse will deliver goods to you on demand from practically around the globe (with 2-Day Shipping available on many items!), it’s easy to take our amazing future and its ability to transcend distances for granted.

For instance, did you know that on average, a software user is located 3 times as far away from the vendor as they were 15 years ago? Of course, that speaks to both the worldwide proliferation of software giants and the popularity of customer support installations in India, but it’s still remarkable.

In any event, I know this type of advancement has absolutely transformed the way businesses like ours operate. Where once screen sharing was a dark and esoteric art involving rare wares and deep technical knowledge, now it’s as simple as passing along a website link thanks to Screenleap.

Uber Conference has also had its impact on the office culture around here. Thanks to this powerful conference calling tool, my remote staff members rarely have to report to the physical office to be productive. They don’t get to see me as much, but I find they’re coping with that decently.

“Hi, welcome to Earth, try the ice cream!”

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do and have spilled much ink telling you so, but I have to say that my work serving humanity by keeping their networks up and running will look great on my resume for my new dream job: Planetary Protection Officer.

Sure, that sounds like a Voltron pilot’s formal job description, and that’s probably because the position just came to prominence in a letter to NASA from a particularly intrepid 9-year-old. Here’s the fun part: NASA let the kid down gently, responding that he should stay in school and eat his vitamins and all.

Here’s the more fun part: they didn’t deny the need for such a representative.

Clearly, the youngling was unqualified for the opportunity without so much as a high school diploma, but that doesn’t affect my chances at all! I’m going to look into it a little more and see what they need in a PPO, ideally I can get in on the application process before every Star Trek fan on Earth catches wind.

The Last Word

All right, that’s about enough from me this week…thanks as always for stopping by for another enthralling installment of “Brad’s Blog!” I’ll be back on schedule in 6 days’ time, but until then, quick question: would you mind if I listed you as a reference on my PPO application?

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