What a Wonderful World (with WiFi)!

American Eclipse

In case you’ve been living under a rock—or outside the one we all share—the first full solar eclipse to take place over the Continental United States in many of our lifetimes is set for next Monday and it’s going to be blanking spectacular.

The “path of totality,” which is NASA-speak for “front row seating,” cuts through the Pacific Northwest and Deep South as well as about half a dozen “flyover states,” but Sungazers from Canada to Mexico will receive at least a partial view of the eclipse if none of those areas apply to you.

This helpful guide from your friendly neighborhood space geniuses details how to safely enjoy the eclipse without painlessly burning out your retinas with the full coronal radiance of our home star, and as almost always, Amazon is more than prepared to assist in the endeavor with the proper equipment.

…just be sure to get the real deal, that would be a sad way to lose readers.

Priceless Professionals

Our lack of affiliation with hardware and software providers is near the core of what makes us special as a company, allowing us to suggest the very best products for individual agencies without factoring in the size of any kickbacks.

For instance, we’d bet that manufacturers of tangible goods aren’t exactly big fans of my preference for refurb products…ending is better than mending and all that. Still, machines from sourced from sites like Newegg doubtless deliver plenty of bang for the buck, with most models arriving on your doorstep complete with a 1 year warranty and no-obligation trial period.

Naturally we at Archway appreciate their approach, as it’s pretty close to the way we’re willing to establish ourselves with our new clients–by proving how good we are before they make some massive investment in an unknown quantity. It’s worked at Archway for a while now so it’s encouraging to see making customer satisfaction paramount isn’t some weird dream only I have.

Computer Corner

However, it’s hard to deny there’s something special about unboxing a new product for the first time. The nigh-impenetrable armor of packing tape that ensconces every box, the grating screech of Styrofoam pulled from its cardboard cocoon, the strange aroma of freshly manufactured plastic…wait, I’m not doing a very good job describing the experience, am I?

Still, if you’re in the market for a new laptop, the latest entry into the Thinkpad series is a pretty compelling choice. The official laptop of the International Space Station—seriously, look it up and earn free drinks on bar bets forever—has only gotten better in its latest iteration, and it should go without saying that if it’s good enough for actual rocket scientists, it should capably serve your needs as well.

Internet-only machines are becoming ever more popular in an age where resources from Microsoft Word to Skype and everything in between are all available as purely online resources and almost the entire planet is covered in WiFi, and so I’m still a strong believer in the Chromebook. If most of your computer activity involves being online anyway, why not choose a slimmed down solution for the purpose?

“If you think education is expensive…”

Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of school in my pupiling days, I’ve grown to discover there’s never an excuse to stop learning. Benjamin Franklin said that an investment in an education will pay the most interest, and he seemed like a pretty sharp guy overall. Of course, he didn’t live in a time where you could take free classes at your local Apple Store, but still.

Life is Rich

If you’re been reading this blog for a while—or evn just this week—you may have put together that I’m a huge fan of technology. The typical standard of living for humans has advanced exponentially in just the last 100 years…did you know being a billionaire was barely even A Thing until after airplanes were invented?

Even for those with more—ahem—modest fortunes, the average quality of life has vastly improved. I rarely have time to think about how rich I am what with the lack of a private jet and all, but this piece by George F. Will showcases just how wealthy citizens of the new millenium are…“Richer than Rockefeller” a compelling enough hook for you?

The Last Word

All right, that should do it for this week…I’ve got a long few days ahead of me so I’ll wrap it up here. Thanks as always for reading, let’s chat again in a few days!

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