Brad’s Blog Returns

Who’s Feelin’ Lucky?

I gotta say, just being back in your inbox at last feels great, but when you throw in the fact that it’s AppliedNet season too….well, it’s an especially magical Tuesday morning. 

Look, I understand that not every organization even uses Applied products, but it’s always an entertaining affair with lots of interesting people in attendance…including myself and Team Archway, which is reason enough to attend. AppliedNet is consistently one of my favorite industry events, and we always like to mark the occasion by giving away something cool for one lucky person to remember us by: this time around it’s a brand new iPhone 11.

We’d love to catch you at the convention, but if you can’t make it out to Sin City from the 14th to the 18th we’re also giving you a chance to win by entering here because I really appreciate you not sending me to the spam folder after all this time.

Jump-Starting Inspiration

Just about everybody gets writers’ block from time to time…it can definitely be frustrating, but it’s not impossible to work through.

A lot of the time it’s caused by the classic “paralysis by analysis,” i.e. overthinking it, and this timeless Dale Carnegie book has retained its well-deserved popularity over the years with actionable strategies for helping the creative juices flow…a useful skill in practically every facet of life. 

Submitted for Your Approval

One of the things I’ve been doing during my hiatus is making time for documentaries I’ve been pushing off for a while, so while I have you I’m going to share a couple that really stood out. 
It’s been nearly 20 years since that infamous morning in 2001, and like many other Americans I still find myself thinking about 9/11 on a pretty regular basis. That’s why I was really captured by “You Are Here,”a documentary detailing the aftermath of the attacks during which all planes incoming to the US were diverted to the nearest airport. 
35 of them landed at tiny Gander Newfoundland, a town of well under 10,000 people who experienced an influx of shellshocked newcomers. Without giving too much away the good folks of Gander responded more than admirably to the unexpected call to service, and it spoke to me on a personal level because it’s always encouraging to see people at their best.
On a more positive note,“Inside Bill’s Mind” is a four-part docuseries that highlights the philanthropic initiatives of Bill Gates, someone who apparently knows how to be a billionaire correctly. 
I thought I had a good idea about his charity work, but the series takes a deep dive into his process for finding new solutions for problems with the assistance of some of the world’s most capable thinkers, and it’s really satisfying to see his efforts to make the world a better place unfold.

The Last Word

Well, as good as it is to be back in the saddle I’ve got a lot on the agenda this week, so this feels like an ideal place to put a bookmark in this.

Thanks as always for making time in your busy weekly schedule for this edifying edition of “Brad’s Blog!” I’m looking to get right back on the regular schedule, but if you have something you feel deserves some shine in the next installment or just want to tell me how much you’ve missed me, be sure  drop me a line!

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