AppliedNet Vegas and Getting In Shape for The Season

Card Tricks in Vegas

If you’ll be strolling the streets of Sin City when AppliedNet comes to town, odds are you’ll be leaving the event fairly loaded down with business cards…which, if you’re anything like me, you will promptly misplace. That’s why I love using the ClusterCards app…just scan the card (or cards, it can do multiple simultaneously) and watch the magic of technology as all the data is transcribed and saved, no typing required. It’s essential for conventions.

Scheduled Check-In

While I’m on the subject of apps, another resource I regularly rely on is called Checklist. Full disclosure, the non-free version is a little annoying–sometimes less is more–but for creating and keeping track of all those little daily details that would otherwise just slip through the cracks, it’s easy to use and very helpful.

Winter Weight Gain Is Coming

The Halloween decorations are starting to pop up, so that means Thanksgiving is like, next week and all the big winter holidays are just a few days after that. Every holiday season it seems like I go into the new year sporting a couple extra pounds, but this time around I’m aiming to get ahead of the game by dropping a few before the festivities. 

If you’re also joining a gym to counteract seasonal weight gain in the coming months and don’t mind the finer things in fitness life, I’d suggest you give this a click…with Equinox locations in NYC, Texas, and across Northern Cali, there’s a good chance there’s somewhere swanky to sweat near you.

I totally get that going to the gym can take more effort than most can muster after a long day of adult life, so a little extra boost can go a long way in helping you power through your routine. I get mine from Metagenics, a carefully balanced multivitamin formulated to offer increased energy and overall vitality, which doesn’t make running any more fun but can make it possible in theory.
If motivation is more your issue, weight loss contests are an excellent way to give yourself something to strive for…I’m trying to organize a few folks at Team Archway into a pool, but if anyone out there in the world of inboxes wants to get in on this action it could certainly be arranged. Just email me.
Of course, anyone devoted to a healthy lifestyle knows that the numbers on the scale almost never tell the whole story. I believe the key to a life well lived is one lived in balance, and that’s why my favorite book on diet, exercise, and overall self-improvement is Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength

The book speaks so clearly to me because it talks about the small everyday tweaks that make a healthier you without having to turn your life upside down, which is perfect because it would be a tragedy for me to have to live 100 years without the occasional trip to the steakhouse or extra helping of gluten-free mac and cheese.

Bose is Back on Top

As someone who works from practically anywhere, headphones are as essential an office supply for me as a calculator is for an engineer. 

I’ve come and gone from Bose products over the years as competition has brought the best out of all manufacturers, but they’ve claimed the crown again with their SoundSport Free Wireless Earphones. Bringing together water resistance and an improved Bluetooth antenna together with that renowned Bose sound delivers something close to perfection, and in this business they’re worth every penny.

The Last Word

All right then, that’ll just about do it for this week! Thanks as always for making time for this inspired installment of “Brad’s Blog”…I appreciate it so much that I’m giving my readers a chance to enter the iPhone 11 giveaway we’re running to celebrate AppliedNet Las Vegas! Just click here to throw your hat in the ring…you’ll certainly know if you’ve won by the time you’re reading this next week.

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