Brad’s Fast Fridays: Reshaping Tech (Literally!)

Tools of the Trade

As I log in for the last day of the week, I can’t help but think about how doing what we do is so much easier than it was in the Dark Ages of the Early Aughts (isn’t it nice to finally be in a decade with a clearly defined name again, 2020s?) thanks to the versatility of modern management tools. 

One of my most frequently fielded questions is about what sales CRM an insurance agency should use, and right now I’m really liking what HubSpot has to offer. Integrated outreach tools, call recording, and email tracking, all in an easy to use product…if you want access to some of the same tools the big guys use, HubSpot is your answer. 

Another slick little utility we get a lot of mileage out of around the Archway offices is Threads. WIth Threads, you can easily import all your correspondence from your agency management system directly into a CRM like HubSpot, so you can tailor your outreach to each prospect and client based on your most successful sales strategies…sometimes it’s best to just play the hits.

Office Origami

It was pretty nifty when George Jetson would get to work and his car would neatly fold up into a briefcase light enough to casually tote into the workplace.

We’re not quite there yet, but I’m totally into the portable office thing, especially since in this travel-heavy business “working from home” more often means “setting up shop anywhere with a table.” 

That’s why I love stuff like this foldable full size keyboard I found on Amazon. Just connect it with your device–yep, tablets and smartphones too–via Bluetooth and start pecking out emails during a Tuesday morning layover in Phoenix…that’s living the dream.

Surface Observations
Remember the Samsung Galaxy Fold? Upon release it was almost universally seen as something of a beta test for a new form factor we’d be seeing a lot more of, and the wave is picking up speed with the upcoming release of the Microsoft Surface Duo. 

According to this demo video (which had to be fixed in post, lol) the device promises a range of dual screen integration features…bloggers are also abuzz about the front-facing camera caught in this shot of a developer’s Duo…the form factor always had potential, but Samsung’s old Fold left a lot to be desired…the Microsoft Surface Duo hopes to fill the promise of the dual-screen device for “Holiday 2020.”

Apple, you’re on the clock.

The Last Word 

All right, I’ve got a big show in Orlando to get set for soon so that’s a wrap for Friday, but if you need a little more geek in your week check out my YouTube channel, we’re cranking out the compelling content with new videos posted regularly, including the critically acclaimed “Brad’s Vlog!.”

Thanks for spending a bit of your Friday morning with me, have a great weekend…you deserve it.

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