Breakable Brackets vs. the Unbreakable Wallet

Another Bust Discussed

It’s the end of March and that means it’s time to visit a familar place: last in my bracket pool. Another 50 bucks up in smoke day 1. I’m not sure how it happens year after year, but with my bracket most thoroughly busted I guess it’s only appropriate for this former UCLA Bruin to get inspired by his alma mater’s performance on the court this year and just give up.

Sorry guys, better luck next year.

In the meantime at least we’re getting some pretty stellar hardwood action, as anyone who watched Duke just barely scrape by a very game UCF squad bore witness to one heck of an athletic exhibition.

There’s a reason why the Tournament  is one of the highest profile sporting events on the calendar…the reason why these players aren’t paid something for the spectacle they create is less clear.

The Last Wallet

Although it may be a little lighter after the first few games of March Madness, I officially have the coolest wallet I’ve ever had…no, not Samuel L. Jackson’s billfold from “Pulp Fiction,” this sleek and streamlined beauty known as the Ridge Wallet. It just goes right along with all the other sculpted minimalistic portables I like to fill my life with.

I got mine in Carbon Fiber, but it comes in similarly indestructible materials such as titanium and anodized aluminum as well as a range of colors….heck, it might be the last wallet I ever buy with the lifetime guarantee the company offers.

Foresight for Seats

Getting airline tickets for a great price is a delicate dance…do you buy your tickets a year in advance when no one else is even thinking about that particular flight, or do you show up to the airport and gamble on a cheap standby ticket?

Like most things in life, the answer is somewhere between the extremes, and this Lifehacker piece suggests the ideal window of opportunity comes about 79 days before takeoff.

The Portable Photo Booth

If you’re as big on selfies as some of the kids at the office are, you’ll love the HP Sprocket Plus.

This pocket-size wireless photo printer (man, did you ever think you’d hear that in the days of Polaroid?) has a Bluetooth-driven app that connects with multiple devices so it’s a hit at events, and outdoes the competition by pumping up the printouts from the more common 2” x 3” size to a visibly larger 2.3” x 3.4” frame. At $129, it’s well worth purchasing for your next party.

The Last Word

All right, that’s just about all we have this week! Thanks as always for starting your week off with another enthralling edition of “Brad’s Blog!” I’ll be back on schedule next week, but before then be sure to update your version of Google Chrome if you haven’t yet…didn’t we just talk about this last week?

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