Free Photoshop and I-Team to the Rescue

Big Shot Brad

I’ve always thought that being a big shot must be nice…public spotlight, friends in high places to handle sticky situations…and now that I’ve had a taste of the life, I know it for a fact.

You see, I’ve talked before about the billing issues at my former home in the wake of the Malibu fires, namely that service provider Frontier Communications kept sending me invoices despite the fact that my home (and all their equipment) had been destroyed.

That’s why I decided to get the local NBC I-Team involved, and that’s when I began to get the star treatment. Not only did I get to make my big TV debut, but was Frontier a lot more open to resolving the issue with a bit of pressure from the media…surprise, surprise.

Beyond the Body

We the Species are doing some interesting things with tech these days…what if I told you that we are the robots we’ve been waiting for since the 60s or so? I recently read about a cybernetic program that allowed scientists to attach sensors to a person in one room and have him control a mechanical arm in another using only his brain waves.

It might sound like science fiction but believe me, it’s here and it’s happening. What the coming integration of man and machine means for our society remains to be seen, and honestly it’s just a bit weird for me to imagine being part robot, but regardless of your feelings on the subject, you have to admit it’s pretty darn cool.

Free Photoshop for All

It seems like you can turn anything into anything else using Adobe Photoshop…if we’re not already at this point, I feel as though it will be nearly impossible to distinguish a doctored image or video from an untouched picture or footage in the very near future. Strange times.

Point is the software is powerful, which is why the full version is expensive, but it includes a bunch of tools that only advanced users would take advantage of. For my simpler needs I like Photoshop Express…not only does it come in mobile and desktop versions, it’s free, which sold me.


While we’re on the topic of useful free apps, here’s a standout from Microsoft. ToDoallows users to keep their day-to-day lives neatly organized, using an intuitive interface to help you track work tasks, grocery lists, workout plans, and even shows and movies to watch because that’s just as important.

The Last Word

Well, hope this made up for missing last week! Thanks as always for joining us on another educational edition of “Brad’s Blog!” I’ll be back on schedule next week–that is, if you’ll have me–but if you want to drop me a line before then, please don’t be shy!

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