Building a Longer Table at Archway

Team Archway Wants YOU!

I’ve always taken pride in making sure the people I choose to join Team Archway are well taken care of, and that’s why I’m especially happy in this time to announce that we are looking for new members. We’re busier than ever these days, and there are plenty of people out there in need of a job so if you know anyone who was laid off and can help out around here, send them my way.

These massive shifts in the way we work–and even what we work on–are just the beginning of what looks to be a true revolution with far-reaching implications for the modern office. Wall Street Journal has some early insights on this historic shift in labor…it´s behind a paywall, but if you aren’t able to receive it email me here and I will send you a copy.

Protecting Your People

For other small-to-mid-size businesses, the effects of the current crisis have been much more devastating. I personally know a few people who own restaurants or service shops and aren’t sure how they’re going to cover payroll this month…that´s why I´m spreading the word about the Paycheck Protection Act, federal legislation designed to protect both worker income and the stability of small business…definitely worth looking into.

Voice of Reason

I’ve been avoiding the doom and gloom talk in this space for the most part…don´t think I’ve even used the 11-letter curse since this crisis began–and after reading this new piece from analyst Michael Fumento, I feel vindicated in my lack of panic. He´s been (correctly) projecting a less severe course for the outbreak since the beginning, and was kind enough to take the time to chat with me on Skype about his outlook recently…I found his perspective very refreshing.

The Last Word 

Well, that´s about all the new business from this week, but with the outdoors temporarily unavailable, we’re left to make the most of our time around the house…and that means it´s a great time for a house party! No, not that kind…a Houseparty, by the App Store. There will be games, plenty of wine (BYOB), and a few folks from Archway…gonna be a good time. If you´re looking to score an invite, just shoot me an email…hope to see ya there!

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