Making the Most of It: Do´s and Dont´s

Browse Like You Mean It

Are you spending a lot more time with your laptop lately and wish you had a bigger screen? 

Well, if your local essential goods store specializing in oversized computer monitors has shut down for a bit, you may have an option already lying around at home: your television! This easy to follow guide from CNET details how to connect your laptop to your TV for a big-time upgrade to your laptop´s manufacturer-specified screen size…great for watching YouTube videos.

Definite DO.

Hey Look, a YouTube Video!

In a completely organic segue from the last segment, these last few weeks hanging around at Bradquarters has given me plenty of time to work on expanding my skill set, and one thing I´ve always liked doing but never consistently had the space on my schedule for is sitting down with the industry’s big thinkers and getting their unique angle on what we do. 

There are some people in this business with interesting ideas–we can be way more creative than we get credit for–and one of them is BJ Shacknowski, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer over at Vertafore. I got a few minutes of his time recently for a video interview in the latest ¨Brad´s Vlog¨ episode on my YouTube channel…if you have the time (that´s a joke, it´s the only thing we all have right now) I recommend you DO check it out.

Tuning Out

I don´t know about you, but I am just about done with the news for year.

You may know why.

It seems like so many outlets are focused on trying to grab attention with some ghastly figure or shocking footage rather than putting out actionable information…not that the media didn’t have a sickness for that long before we flipped the calendar to 2020, but this is the worst time for them to be at their worst and here we are. That’s why I made the decision about a week ago to cut the TV out of this conversation, DON´T let it bring that energy into your life.

Instead, I get my information and updates from here. No anchor histrionics, no breathless effort to get the worst news out first, just simple data and prediction models to help you make the best decisions in a strange time.

A New Perspective

Not heading down to my local watering hole for a few $11 drinks on a fairly regular basis has freed up some funds as well as plenty of time, so I decided to finally jump into a new hobby with both feet…check out my new drone!

The Mavic Mini puts precision control in palm of your hands with smartphone app integration as well as a low profile design that fits right in the palm of your–ah wait, just used that one–um, your pocket. Going outside just went from a definite DON´T to a (kinda) DO, what an investment.

The Last Word 

All right, that´s about it for this time around, but thanks as always for spending some time with me on this engaging edition of ¨Brad´s Blog¨, we might all have a little more time on our hands these days but I always appreciate yours. I´ll be back in your inbox before you know it, be great if you DO drop me an email before then!

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