Busted Brackets and Cheap Cruise Connections

The Maddest March Yet

Like pretty much everyone else, I’ve had my NCAA bracket busted beyond recognition in the first couple of rounds.

With 134 such games in the books at tip-off, a 16 seed had to come out on top against a #1 ranked team one of these years, and nobody told the Retrievers of tiny University of Maryland-Baltimore County that they were 20-point underdogs in their opening round game.

UMBC fell short in their next game after a valiant effort against perennial contender K-State, their day in the sun did give us the enduring delight of their official Twitter account. On the court, I was impressed with the way both coaches handled the unprecedented situation…these are just kids, but the lessons they learn will last a lifetime so kudos to them.

This year’s tournament seems unpredictable even by March Madness standards, with 5 of the games decided by two possessions or less and even the rare overtime Tournament game. In fact, this is the first time I can remember all four #1 seeds falling before the Sweet 16, which softens the blow of my Bruins ending up among the early exits.

Surfing Excursion Included

Got a cruise planned and want to stay connected without spending a small fortune in daily satellite Internet fees? Well, if you have a phone with mobile hotspot feature, there just might be a way.

Most cruises stay relatively close to the coastline for most of the route to save on fuel costs, meaning you can use their frugality against them by using your LTE as a connection point so you can save your budget for those elegant a la carte dining options.

An Influx of Input

We use Crewhu to collect critical feedback from our customers and generally get an idea of how well we’re doing our job. I personally read every review that comes in, it’s a little time consuming but I feel the insight I gain is more than worth the effort.

As our team grows–we’re over 30 people now–I’m getting more response with it than ever before, and I’m happy to report we have a stellar reputation among the people we serve, which reflects their commitment to excellent service as well as my skill in hiring capable staff.

Declaring is Caring?

I was recently given a dose of constructive criticism, namely that I could be more vocal in my praise of the amazing techs that do the heavy lifting around here.
They’re the smartest team of customer focused technical people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. It’s just that “effusive” isn’t a word that’s often used to describe me.

In any event, I get that everyone likes to hear that they’re doing a good job, and this piece helped me consider how my leadership style comes across. Maybe this sounds like you?

The Last Word

Seems like that’s a fine place to put a bookmark in things for the week, so thanks as always for making space in your routine for the latest addition to the “Brad’s Blog” catalogue. I shall return to your inbox in six days’ time, your spam filter permitting. If you’d like to chat before that, hail my email and I’ll find the free time. Have a great week!

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