Ultimate Upgrades: Your Life, But Smarter

Rise of the Machines

In case my svelte silhouette doesn’t give it away, I’ve gotten more into fitness in recent years. Part of it’s by necessity since I like the way my knees work and the doc says staying active will keep them functional longer, but it’s also easier than ever before thanks to connected tech.

I started out with the original Apple Watch a couple of years back, and have since upgraded to the Apple Watch 3 as my everyday device. It’s pretty much everything I need in a connected device, and finding new features is always fun.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the Motiv from catching my attention. This slick smart ring is the lowest profile smart device yet, putting activity tracking and sleep monitoring capabilities in the palm of your hand, and with your choice of slate grey and rose gold finishes it can also bring out your eyes.

Finance and Foresight

Have you ever considered maintaining a health savings account? If not you could be missing out on substantial tax savings as well as a convenient financial tool that could give you easy access to capital when you need it.

This article in the Wall Street Journal goes into more detail, and just in case you’ve reached your limit for their articles this month, there’s always Incognito Mode to help you bypass the paywall. Savvy.

The Finishing Touch

An email signature can make your communications stand out from the endless walls of text the typical professional finds in their box on a daily basis, and WiseStamp lets you design one from the ground up.

With WiseStamp, you can add information, links, and even a picture to your email with an easy to use template. Even better, it’s free to use and can make your emails look like a million bucks.

Perfect Timing

Nailing people down for an appointment can often feel like trying to do so literally. You know the dance, they never got the memo, they never adjusted their watch for Daylight Savings, they’re taking a quick 3-hour lunch at that time…it can be problematic to say the least.

Enter TimeTrade, a resource that puts the power of scheduling in your customers’ hands by adding a button to your site that allows them to schedule a consultation at their leisure so you stay better connected with your clientele and never have to leave 3 voicemails again.

The Last Word

All right, that’s about it for this thrilling installment of everyone’s favorite weekly tech newsletter! (Yes, everyone’s, they told me!)

Thanks as always for making room in your inbox for this little labor of love, and don’t be shy about dropping me an email if you want to chat about something amazing during this 6-day commercial break.

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