Clean Colon – Happy Eyes – Better Gmail

All’s Well that Ends Well

If you were trying to get in touch with me this past Friday, I may not have immediately responded but I had a  really good reason for it: I was having my quinquennial colonoscopy (means every 5 years, thought learning something new would take some of the edge off this lead-in).

Fortunately I’m all clear, and although prep is still not a trip to Disneyland I have to saythe process has improved even in the last 5 years. It really could have been worse for a number of reasons…when I was in the recovery room afterward, I overheard other patients being informed that they would have to do the whole thing again because they had failed to finish their jug of prep solution before their appointment…basically, they cheated!Luckily I followed doctor’s orders to the letter, so I was able to decline the bonus colonoscopy…if you want proof that I really committed to getting this right the first time, here’s a shot of me with my outstanding patient award.

Ideal Eyewear for a Bright Future

If you gave that picture of me posing with the prep jug a click you might have taken note of my stylish new spectacles. I spend a lot of time using the computer in this line of work–heck, this entire timeline–and eye strain from gazing into the screen all day is becoming a widespread issue among us citizens of the future…”The Jetsons” glossed over that way back when.

I feel as though I was born a bit too early to be in the first epidemic of Computer Vision Syndrome sufferers, and so I decided to take action. The new glasses are designed to minimize the damage, treated with an anti-reflective coating that eliminates glare and cuts down on the amount of blue light that gets through…naturally, I found them on Amazon.

Gmail Goes to Work

Like so many of us, I use Gmail as my primary personal email provider…hey, when you’re the best, you’re the best. However, it’s not as peerless for professional use, especially for insurance agencies. Integration issues with the major management system providers run rampant, and it can be less than intuitive to use with the default settings.

Still, Gmail so familiar by now that people are looking to find every possible workaround, and I recently caught wind of this new Chrome extension that creates a much cleaner inbox than the default settings so at least it’s not a total mess. I supposewho better to fix Gmail than its former lead designer…if it’s good enough for him, it should serve your purposes as well.

Thanos Takes Over the Internet

If you’re a geek like me or have friends who are, by now you’ve either seen the latest Avengers movie or had it spoiled for you by some loser on the Internet.

In any event, this little easter egg from Google outdoes even their usual standard for imaginative delight…Google the word “Thanos,” then click the big golden glove at the right side of the screen and watch what happens. You don’t even have to be a fan of comic books or the 2,486 movies they have spawned in the last few years to appreciate that little visual treat.

The Last Word

Well then, that will just about do it for this week. As always, I want to thank my loyal readers for continuing to make “Brad’s Blog” a part of your week, it means a lot to me that so many people have not added my email address to their spam folder yet. I’ll be back around right on schedule next week, but until then remember to take a break from the computer screen every so often…you’re finished reading this, so now seems like a perfect time.

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