Mother’s Day Upgrades and Saving with Siftwallet

Gifts for Geeky Moms

In case you weren’t aware (shame on you), Mother’s Day is coming up this week!

If it sort of snuck up on you this year, this feature from PC Mag details some of the best gifts for the tech-savvy mother in your life. My personal favorite is the Drop scale, which updates as you add ingredients. It can even adjust a recipe if you’re running low on something…whether she’s a great cook or just really likes to try, that’s sure to come in handy.

This Uber Delivers Too

Out on the streets, a certain San Francisco-based ridesharing company is about to run into some serious labor issues with a multi-city strike for higher wages looming over this week’s scheduled IPO, but here in the office Uber Conference gives us everything we need to make sure work goes a little more smoothly.

Uber Conference offers quick and easy chat and video calling with customers, clients, and coworkers, no download required. It also allows instant screen-sharing, so we can collaborate on projects from across the hall or across the country. Gotta love convenience.

Spend Smarter with Siftwallet

Half of the reason so many of us have multiple credit cards is to take advantage of those sweet, sweet benefits, right? A gas card here, a store card there, and you feel like you’re really working the system…but not so fast, my friend! Unless you’re usingSiftwallet to maximize your gains, you may just be seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Siftwallet is an app for iOS and Android that curates and tracks credit card benefits, allowing you to unlock rewards faster and more economically. It calculates the best credit card to use on each purchase, so you can make the most of price matching and  rental card discounts as well as strategically racking up those airline miles, all at the lowest possible rates.

Appointments Made Easy

Scheduling appointments can be a real hassle…at times, I’ve spent longer scheduling and organizing a meeting than actually interacting with the person. Thankfully, those days are long past thanks to TimeTrade.

TimeTrade allows you to quickly set up an appointment, so your customers can always connect with you at a time that works for both parties. You can even use my personal TimeTrade link to schedule a call with me to talk tech!

The Last Word

Fantastic, that will just about do it for the first full week of May! As always, I want to take a moment here at the end to thank all my readers for sticking with “Brad’s Blog” week after week, the feedback I get is so fulfilling and I’ve really met some great people through writing this newsletter. I’ll be back on schedule next time around, but until then CALL YOUR MOTHER!!!

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