College Football Kickoff and a Laborless Day

A Bear of a Game

Well, college football is finally back, and in a big way. If you haven’t yet heard, my UCLA Bruins somehow engineered one of the greatest comebacks in modern sport this past weekend, and that’s not even one of my signature overdeclarations of truth.

That’s right, led by QB Josh Rosen, the team managed to dig its way out from a 44-10 hole in just over a quarter of play. The winning score come on the old Dan Marino fake spike play with 43 seconds on the clock, so it was definitely one of the most thrilling games I can remember.
The reversal of fortune was something you pretty much only see in college football, which is why I’ve long been a fan of the amateur game. It was a sight to behold even for non-UCLA fans…anyone with a love of the game can appreciate such a valiant and victorious effort.
Well, except you, Kenny (you know who you are). Better luck next Saturday.

Whale Watching Wonders

Hope everybody had an enjoyable Labor Day…we celebrated the advancement of American labor by enjoying one of the freedoms workers struggled so fervently for, namely time off from work.

We took a trip down to the Orcas Islands, and while I was a little disappointed not to see any whales in the vicinity when we got there, seeing two pods of them on the boat ride from Victoria, BC more than made up for it.

We got a few good shots from our Labor Day adventure, otherwise our friends and family won’t believe we went anywhere—that’s the world we live in—and you can check out some of the evidence here. I highly recommend the excursion if you’re ever in the Seattle or Victoria areas.

ESPN Evolves

This weekend’s twist of fate on the gridiron has me pretty excited about my Bruins’ chances of making a big bowl this year, but what has me even more giddy is ESPN’s newfound commitment to streaming. The Worldwide Leader makes almost all of its content available for viewing online, and that’s something even Texas A&M fans can get pumped up for in a few days.

Highs and Lows

I don’t partake myself, but I have mixed feelings about the legalization of marijuana, which has been enacted here in California and is making its spread state by state across the nation.

On one hand, it’s good to see less non-violent individuals in the prison system, but on the other hand I’m worried about what seems like a normalization of driving while “high.”

That is not okay.

The fact is that it’s no more safe to drive while high than it is to drive drunk or under the influence of prescription drugs. The hard numbers bear it out: piloting a 2 ton steel missile while intoxicated is a bad idea.

Convenient Conferencing

I recently experimented with video conferencing using Google Hangouts and I have to say I came away impressed. The video quality was remarkable, the connection stability was rock-solid, and the meeting went off without a hitch. Another great free resource from the rainbow letter crew.

The Last Word

Okay, that feels like a good place to put a bookmark in things, eh? Thanks as always for making time so early in your week for another exciting edition of “Brad’s Blog.” I’ll be back around right on schedule, but if you want to chat before then don’t be shy about shooting me an email!

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