Connected Cruises and If Your Car Could Talk

Live from State 49

The hottest days of the summer are coming for most of us, but here in Anchorage it’s a very temperate 60 degrees…that’s right, the travels of my mother and I have taken us just south of the Arctic Circle.We got here a bit late for the famous Iditarod, but we’re still having a good time on our journey through Alaska…follow me on Twitter for pictures and updates from the Land of the Midnight Sun!

As an added bonus, you’ll also get the nifty tech tips to which you have become accustomed along with some exclusive insights.

Search for the Golden Ticket

After that weird period in the mid-2000s when a ticket to the latest blockbuster cost 2 easy payments of 19.99, movie pass programs have come as a major and welcome shakeup to the cinema world. There are more options on the market than ever before, but which ones are worth their salt (and extra butter)? This piece from CNETbreaks down the figures to find the best deal.

Offshore Surfing

If you’re thinking of taking a cruise this summer but are worried about leaving the Internet on the shore, don’t. Many of the most popular mobile service providers offer connectivity options to allow hotspot connectivity anywhere in range of a cell tower–including a few miles off the coast! 

Check out this informative feature to learn more about staying anchored to the digital world when you’re on the high seas.

Car Collection

By now, it’s pretty common knowledge that social media can provide a relatively comprehensive picture of your lifestyle and preferences to any interested party, but have you ever considered how much your car knows about you?

Features like GPS and smartphone sync allow today’s cars to collect vast stores of data on their drivers, and the Washington Post recently took the time to shed some light on this fascinating phenomenon. Fortunately I don’t drive much.

The Last Word

That’s it for this inimitable installment of Brad’s Blog! We’ll be on the move for the next few days so hopefully the next edition will arrive in your mailbox on schedule. Thanks as always for reading, my mother and I are off to enjoy 15 or so hours of daylight.

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