Countdown to NetVU Nashville

Gotta Be In It to Win It

NetVU is tomorrow and I have to say, I’m pretty excited. We’ll be at the event meeting and geeting for the duration, and if you’re feeling friendly you can stop by our booth for a free entry into the big gadget giveaway that will see some of you fine people walk away with great stuff like Apple AirPods and the Muse focus headband.

What if I’m not feeling friendly? Well, first of all, cheer up…I get it, it’s early in the week, but still. Maybe the fact that you can enter the contest online by filling out this form might help. It’s all the potential benefit and almost none of the legwork. Sure, you won’t get the chance to enter into the drawing a second time by coming to the booth and yelling “I love Archway,” but I have to reward effort somehow.

Rebate Revolution

Oh yeah, did I mention that even if you don’t win any of my tech toys, you can win a bit of extra cash for your online purchases by listening to me? It’s not part of my giveaway, but it’s still just as spendable. Earny is an app that connects your email and searches through for order info, then automatically searches for any available research. No more intending to fill out a rebate application for 6 months and then forgetting about it, now manufacturers are going to have to find a different way to hide savings.

Breaking Bracket

It’s March Madness time, and even though I was pleased to see my UCLA Bruins make the Sweet 16 after defeating Cincinatti in game action yesterday afternoon, my bracket wasn’t nearly as successful…it never advanced past the first round. I’m not alone, though…the chances of filling out a perfect bracket are only slightly higher than being hit by a flying ice cream truck, and here’s the science to prove it so there.

Uber Conference Answers the Call

Uber Conference continues to impress, with the free conference calling app seeming to get new features every day…or maybe I’m just slow to discover them. In either case, it provides reliable call quality and texts me if someone calls when I’m away from my computer. You can record and play back calls for accurate note-taking, and just for fun they also have pretty hilarious on hold music.

Archway Nation

Espatial does a neat trick as well. Just add a spreadsheet of addresses to the generation with a pinch of client information, stir well, and out pops a great little map showing their respective locations. It’s always cool to see what kind of reach your company has, and if you want to see where all of Archway’s clients are located check out this map we made with the service. We’re coast to coast, baby.

The Last Word

All right, that’ll just about do it for this week. Thanks as always for making time for your weekly installment of “Brad’s Blog,” and earlier than usual at that! I hope to see some of you at NetVU Nashville starting tomorrow, but if you can’t make it we will certainly meet again next week!

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