I’m Watching You, UPS

Salute the Season

Can you feel summer coming? That’s right, Memorial Day is traditionally thought of as the season’s unofficial kickoff, and for good reason most of our minds go to BBQ’s and good times with family and friends on one of the few days of leisure guaranteed virtually the entire American workforce.

Still, this national holiday is particularly meaningful in our culture because of the deeper meaning behind all the mattress sales and barbecue sauce. The Washington Examiner did an excellent job spotlighting the significance of Memorial Day, putting together this great little collection of videos that show why respect for this day is so integral to the fabric of our nation. Check it out, you know you did nothing productive yesterday.

Restful Recharge

I talk about the importance of a good night’s sleep in this space from time to time, as I’m sure it’s common knowledge that the vast majority of people aren’t getting enough quality rest on a nightly basis.

Unfortunately, having a life can often prevent one from clearing out 8-10 uninterrupted hours  in which to be safely unconscious, and so I try to get the least amount of sleep possible while still remaining well-rested. It’s not a perfect plan, but at least I’m not a zombie in the morning any more.

Home, Away from Home

I installed a Ring video doorbell over the weekend…really, as in with my own two hands. I’ll skip the part where I gush about how it makes me feel like I live in an inaccessible secret lair and tell you that the project was surprisingly simple and the iPhone app works really well. Now I can see packages being delivered to my home when I’m away, which I hope is less…um, um, entertaining…than this.

Picturesque Peru

I go on a lot of trips, so I can always justify some new luggage to myself…Bluetooth-enabled suitcases with internal power supplies and password protection are great and all, but when you’re making an international haul for a week or three, one feature in particular becomes indispensable—packing space.

That’s why I’m getting full use out of one of my latest luggage purchases, the Expandable International Carry-on from  Briggs-Riley. This beast of an upright bag is the ideal solution for folks like me who prefer to travel with one bag, expanding 34 percent to essentially give me one of those old-school steamer trunks from “Titanic,” except it fits in the overhead compartment.

The Last Word

All right everyone, that’s about all for this week. Thanks as always for allowing this weekly fireside chat into your “good” inbox, even if it’s because you keep forgetting to unsubscribe. I’ll be back on schedule next week, but until then I’ll be staring at my phone…have some Amazon deliveries coming in this week, you see.

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