Cybertruck: Built for 2020

The Future is Shatterproof*

The design is pretty polarizing, but count me as a big fan of the Cybertruck.

It just screams ¨future!¨…from the shatterproof* windows to the angular design, it not only announces itself as a departure from everything we know about cars, it actively makes you question how we´ve gone so long with the vast majority of vehicles having one of a few basic shapes. Remember how the Concorde stood out at an airport?

As someone who has been waiting for the future to come my entire life, I´m fully enamored with the thing…I went over to the Petersen Museum here in LA to see the public debut of Tesla´s latest and greatest sensation the other day, and of course, you know I have a down payment on it. I want my Cybertruck yesterday…but I can accept that it only comes in tomorrow. That’s the whole appeal of it.



They say ¨if you´re not paying for the product, you are the product,¨ and although I feel that´s an especially cynical take, when it comes to the Internet and data security there´s more truth to the famous phrase than most people are comfortable with. 

The fact is businesses make a fortune selling your information to anyone with cash and a computer, so if you–like me–are committed to keeping the details of your life out of the hands of Internet randos, SafeShepherd is an outstanding resource. SafeShepherd can show you where your information may be exposed and help you take control of your Internet footprint for good…one of those ¨ounce of prevention, pound of cure¨ things.

Appreciation Made Easy

There´s never a wrong time to show a little gratitude, but I do notice that there’s a little deeper of an appreciation for the concept these days. 

I´ve always been a big believer in thank-you cards–¨every sweater gets a letter,¨ goes the longstanding family gift-reception protocol I just made up–and Postable is an easy way to return the favor to someone who has recently put a smile on your face…check out our latest creation of appreciation, inspired by viewers like you!

With Postable, you too can customize cards for any occasion, graphic design skills totally optional. I even love how the name works both in a social media and snail-mail sense…when you put thought into things, people really appreciate it.

The Last Word 

That should just about do it for this week´s engaging edition for ¨Brad´s Blog!¨ I´m going to go hit the refresh button on the Tesla website for no reason now, but I´ll be back in your inbox in about a week´s time…if you have anything to share, you know my email address, right?

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