Finding Appreciation (and your stuff)

Dude, Where´s My Everything?

Are you one of those people who´s constantly losing things? Your house keys seemingly  migrate to a new location every night as you sleep, your phone likes to cruise around town in an Uber long after you’ve gotten out, your wallet occasionally hides in your home with all your cash and cards…it´s a constant struggle. 
At least, that´s what I hear…Chipolo addresses that issue for me quite neatly. With the Chipolo system, you can tag your items with these delightfully multicolored location tracking chips and get an alert on your phone through the app when you leave something behind…or, if it´s your phone that´s made a break for it this time, you can just give the chip a double tap and your phone will ring at max volume…perfect for cutting that daily game of ¨Where´s My Stuff¨ short.

Infinite Possibilities with iPad

There is no shortage of uses for an iPad…from digital artist’s easel to futuristic restaurant menu, the little slab of possibilities does it all in our modern world…but did you know you can also use it as a second display for your computer? It´s one of those neat tech tricks you only find out about when you spend enough time at the terminal to necessitate a second monitor, like the good folks at PCMag.

Fitness is a Team Sport
Everyone knows that committing to fitness is always better in a group. It´s the only reason I can imagine marathon running became a hobby…running precisely 26.2 miles by yourself for no reason seems like borderline insanity. 

That´s why I was so excited to recently learn that you can share your fitness regimen with people or groups through Apple FItness…now we can be workout buddies! If you want to stay in shape together (separately) and maybe hear some of my signature smack talk on the occasions I do get a good workout in, just email me here.

The Last Word 

I typically try to avoid ending things on a down note in this space, but sitting here with the cursor blinking it comes to mind that I would be remiss in closing out this week without acknowledging the loss of someone special in my life.

My brother-in-law Pat suddenly passed away last month, and I’ve been thinking about him every day since then. 

Pat was a great man, a loving father and caring friend who also made the best Key Lime pie you ever tasted. At just 64 years old, Pat definitely passed before his time…my sister and his two children are devastated by his loss as well. 

Charley in particular is suffering with the loss of his father, as his special needs mean that he will lose out on a lifetime of support from a core caretaker at a critical time in his life. It´s a little overwhelming to think about the ways in which this will change his life.

I try not to dwell on the negative things in life here with you…it´s not that I don´t notice these are strange and difficult days on Planet Earth, i’ts just that there are plenty of other sources of bad news. Still, in some cases, challenging times can prove poignant as well…making the drive down to comfort my sister gave me plenty of time to consider what I have, to appreciate the bounty of life and to make a conscious effort to enjoy every moment. I think you should too.

Thanks for being with me this week…here´s to an ever-brighter future.

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