DMARC Directives + Travel Triumphs

DMARC: Your Email Security Sidekick 

DMARC, a vital email authentication tool, is now a mandatory requirement by major email providers like Gmail and Yahoo Mail. This new regulation ensures that emails sent from your domain are authenticated, protecting your communications from being classified as spam or fraudulent.


DMARC complements SPF and DKIM protocols, adding an extra layer of security by verifying the sender’s identity. This is crucial for businesses to maintain effective email communication and protect their brand reputation.


For those unfamiliar with these changes or seeking assistance in implementation, Archway Computer offers expert support in integrating DMARC into your systems. Contact me today to learn more about what this means for your agency.


The Renaissance of Travel Agents 

It’s fascinating to see the travel agent industry flourishing again. I initially thought the industry might wane with my mom’s retirement after her impressive 30-year career, but that’s far from the case! Nowadays, working with a travel agent for your trips can be a delightful experience, and guess what? Their services for hotel bookings are usually free! They make money through commissions, not from your pocket.


These agents not only offer valuable insights and perks like free breakfast and room upgrades but also help with complex itinerary planning, sometimes for a small fee. They’re super handy for group or international travels, providing that personalized touch that’s hard to find online. For finding the right travel agent, is a great place to start. It’s refreshing to see this personalized approach to travel making a comeback!


Lights Up on Safety

Speaking of my 86-year-old mother, I found something really cool at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month – the Nobi Ceiling Fall Detecting Smart Lamp. This AI-powered lamp is a game-changer for elderly care. It detects falls and automatically alerts caregivers, plus it provides automated lighting at night to prevent disorientation. It’s a sleek blend of safety and independence that’s going to make a big difference for older adults and their families.


Although it’s not available just yet, I’m keeping an eye on it for its potential to help caregivers and families. If you’re curious like me, you can learn more about it on their website at


The Last Word

Hope you all enjoyed your 3-day weekend! As always, thank you for reading the blog and supporting it. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 10 years now – since I was 16 😉. Your continued engagement and feedback make this journey all the more rewarding. Here’s to many more years of sharing insights, discoveries, and our love for technology together!

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