Script to Screen with ChatGPT + Cybertruck Chronicles

Script to Screen in an AI Flash

Imagine crafting a professional-grade video in less time than it takes to brew your morning coffee. Dive into the future of video creation with the ChatGPT plugin, where your words transform into cinematic magic faster than you can say “Action!” The process is simple: you provide the video instructions, and’s AI wizardry whips up a script that captures your vision. Once you give the thumbs up, the script evolves into a fully-fledged video, complete with editing tools at your fingertips to fine-tune or add that extra sparkle. Whether you’re promoting a product, sharing knowledge, or telling a story, it’s your time to shine in the spotlight of video content creation without the heavy lifting.


Still not convinced? We put it to the test and conjured up an engaging video about Archway Computer in under 5 minutes – witness the magic here.


Cybertruck Unplugged: Electric Dreams or Reality?

 I love my Tesla, and the allure of the Cybertruck has certainly caught my eye—I’m even on the waitlist! But as I await my turn, I’m wrestling with the thought: Is this colossal car the one for me? The 2024 Cybertruck isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a statement, blending Tesla’s signature electric flair with the brawn of a pickup. With its striking, futuristic design and innovative features, it’s tempting to dream of driving this electric titan. Yet, its sheer size and unique aesthetics spark a debate in my mind. Join me as we delve into the heart of this electric enigma, exploring whether this behemoth is a match made in automotive heaven or an oversized question mark in the quest for the ultimate EV. Read more about the Tesla Cybertruck in MotorTrend’s review here.



Discover the lesser-known features of your iPhone that can revolutionize your everyday use! These tips range from a sneaky backspace function in the calculator to a built-in spirit level for those DIY projects.


Did you know you can set your music to stop playing automatically with a timer, or use Siri to turn your flashlight on and off with just a magical word? Even your lock screen can get a makeover with the depth effect, adding a layer of sophistication to your device. And for the WhatsApp enthusiasts, transforming a picture into a sticker is now just a quirky feature away. These hidden gems are practical, fun, and might just make you the iPhone wizard among your friends. Embrace these functionalities and let your iPhone surprise you with its capabilities. For a deep dive into these features, check out the full article here.


The Last Word

Hello, spring! It’s time to shake off the winter cobwebs and give our tech life a fresh start. Nature’s blooming, and it’s the perfect moment to freshen up our digital world, try out new features, and maybe even pick up some new tech hobbies. Let’s embrace the season’s new beginnings, get innovative with our gadgets, and enjoy the techy bloom. Thanks for joining us on this newsletter journey, and here’s to a spring filled with fresh ideas and new possibilities!

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